2018….Change is upon us.

Dear All,

In 2018, as collective we are offered more fluid movements in physical and relocation, to begin the first phase of the New Earth. With this moon, Wolf full moon, we are given the opportunity to access our strength as Soul/body and Light Avatar, be more communicative and trust our initiation above all signposts and post casts.

We have all the power and resources to stand fully on ground of Earth with no fear or limitation, anchored in our truth as one and in full alignment with our purpose and mission in whatever form we can access, download, or take action as NOW & HERE brings into our attention and focus.

We become less and less engaged with chaos and drama of manifested reality and more and more function at Zero level of Crystalline Harmonious.

I have to admit, I very much wish to receive and experience the eternal bliss, ecstatic harmony and power of the full galactic and universal alignment with the source of all. As there is nothing else left to wish for, to ask for and to die for.

I guess that is the standing point for many of us right now. It is impossible to Stop, Divine’s will is in motion strongly and the last 6-7 months of my personal journey has been nothing but the surrendering, breaking in, breaking through, facing all shadows, deep unworthiness that created such a whirlpool and chaos, for me to experience, witness, to grief, to ache and to choose a new point to start all over again, every day or even every moment.

The vision that I was so afraid to speak of, now has become the fuel of my every word and step. I leave the shelter which was a precious sanctuary and gift from a friend next week, with this knowing that whatever has to arrive, join, merge, offered, embraced, let go, honored and lived as truth, will happen. In All, I trust.

Here and now, sky, earth and my being as a portal and light vessel exposed to life with no reservation, to be in service of Humanity, Gaia, Galaxies and All.

All of my life I asked God, How can I serve? And many times I jumped into all sort of charity works volunteer, coaching, mentoring, having a label, offering retreats, selling products and soothing my soul that I am serving to avoid his voice/ the calling to STAND UP and not try to blend. I saw no worth in me to speak of such a Grand Vision that not just connects Humanity, but it A Divine plan for new arrivals on Earth, for removal of all veils between all forms/formless presence as Consciousness.

I am passed the madness and humbleness of this mission, so I believe it will be the greatness of this mission that shall manifest according to divine timing and choosing with my full collaboration as a conscious breath within form/body on Earth.

I do ask for your collaboration, support, love, gifts, passion and whatever inspires so to feel we no longer can stay in our little spiritual communities, we are moving forward to be a new civilization and as the past brought us to this moment of space and time, for self-realization and enlightenment, the journey does not stop here. I am “The Messenger” and some sort of a “Key” which I do not understand yet, but been shown for the next level of the Shift on Gaia and Collective Consciousness.

You are welcomed to follow this site and my gradual process in downloading the required info, codes, plans, operational stages of EARTH UNITY and sharing with all. I have been a clothes Mystic for few years now and even today my next week where about is a question, I accept my presence as the voice of this work on earth, and believe me as I write these words, the aching in my heart does not stop, I know with every cell, soul and body, this is my purpose and so be it.

Thank you. ❤