God and his car!

Dear God, 

I do not know where to begin, from peace that glides deep, or the white screen of mind, or that my body has come to end of this cycle of tides and sometimes speed spin of energy. It is even deeper than surrendering, it is a fall within fall. Right this minute, peace and beauty, love and greatness is all I Am. 
But then in few days, I will be out of this shelter and with less £10 and this has been theme of the last 6 months. Constantly saying “Yes” to Whatever feels closeness to You / Divine will without hesitation and fall deeper into flow of cosmos energy and shed my human skin and allow crystallization of soul and feeling the increase of frequency higher and higher.
My divine work was and is to walk the truth, alone with no guru and outer guidance and in this I have become a formless observer and free to serve the good of All, including my individual breath.

I have no request, or question, the good, the intense, the soup of energy, the sounds and silence of my moments, all comes and goes of role players, called friends, family, lovers, I observe them all on the screen as part of my consciousness and creation. Never felt so good, serene as I also see the perfection of the plan and intelligence connecting all.
It appears, we have a free will, not sure how accurate this is, as it seems you are in the driver seat and I am just a car! So, I am just writing to report, this car is in need of  a luxerious renewal. 

She needs new wheels, oil change, polish, a new seat cover. She is out of petrol and her windows need a good wash.

She is a reliable car, strong and forceful, she is a beauty, well build and delegate designed.

She feels like a feather, her original colour was white, now no one can tell.

This car needs a good car park, her gears need to be replaced with automatic, more effortless and easy to operate.

Dear God, she loves  when you sit on a driving seat and take her to new lands and discoveries.  When you drive her through mountains, rivers, communities of kinder spirit. She loves to surrender to your hands, your excellent and perfect navigation and consideration. She loves to be your car. Please attend her needs, she has no other one to ask now.

She is falling. And there is no ground and yet her solid body can wrecked with so many tides and hits of bumps.
The estimated expenses are enclosed. 

Food and home, kindness and compassion. Dreams and truth, friendship and love. 

Time and space, serving you is all she wants.

May we always ride on the same  road together, forever. Petrol and park space free!
Thank you God.

Your Humble Car