Mystery of present

Between tides of life, we rapture, heal and ascend to our greatest possible presence as Divine, in service, love, integrity and truth.

There is no longer a lenier reality, in sense of time or even space. The moving forward and backward has no stand in 5D. It is spiral portals connecting Gaia, Humanity, Galaxies and Divine plan, appearances, outcomes, sense of conclusion or even any attempt via mind to make sense, direct, expect is a false reality and illusion.

We are here in mystery and only moments can show the unfolding through our deepest feelings of unity with truth. Heart always choose Love. In love, we surf on waves of cosmos ocean, free of our form, returning to formless reality of existence. The purpose of enlightenment/ascending is not informational, it is inspirational.

Less words, more silence,

Higher frequency and work with centralized harmonious Crystalline grids

Than reaching out, acting ahead of energy.

The greatest work of awakening is to return to Observant Mood, completely moving from peace within.

Silence is the key to connect with Heart of Divine and move all through dimensions.

The New Earth is manifesting in complete forgetfulness of All OLD WAYS, especially communication, creating and relating.

The most natural way is simply” to listen”, choose choiceless awareness ” zero point” and centralize in Soul and Higher Frequency.

INTIMACY WITH TRUTH / Alchemy Teachings