Dancing the dream

Where the beginnings are ripen in your life? Go there with all you are. Be brave, patience, committed to meet yourself fully. Stars are your guides. Love your path.
The genius, the Creator within is awaken in your every breath. Take a leap into unknown, under the surface of unfamiliarity, hidden codes unveil the magic of Life. Look into your heart and see the boundless sky, the mother of Earth.
Flow is your destiny, simplicity is your happiness, peace is your companion.
Courage is the innocent child of heaven, playing with clouds, rainbows and ride the storms, not knowing where it leads. Listen to joy, see the sparks of light on milky way making music of your every steps.
Hesitate no more, riding the waves, dancing the dream. Be God, Be life, be the sound of stillness moving galaxies to new beginnings for all existence.
It is and will be forever You.