what is intmacy


Intimacy is the way we connect with our own truth, and it is changing moment to moment, and being with someone as other, only means you share your existence also moment by moment and what seems true can be false in a next moment, and you both have to live from your hearts and love center, to go with its flow, not knowing where it takes you to unleash your soul power. Trusting other also rooted in trusting yourself and that comes with living consciously, observing your emotions and their messages, sharing truthfully, no justifying, no blame or shame… just the naked truth and intention to move deeper within, knowing the other is playing a certain role in your life to help your evolution.

Relationships are meant to be sacred, between man and woman, parents and children, between sun and moon, between strangers. Relations are the breath of life, pulsing within one body and one soul.

Open your eyes to glory of your heart, let it open up like a rose, let it feel the sunshine and a soft touch of wind, rose could not grow without facing the challenge of moving high from soli of the ground beneath.

Fear is the dark an imaginary hole inside our mind, fly beyond that and swim in unmeasured joy of living your life, connecting deeper with everything and everyone. Intimacy is the open door to inner heaven, a place beyond mind and control. An invitation to not knowing where moments will take you and the other, being more sensitive and increase the ability to shift energy by always returning to the heart center, rising in more love, calm and serenity.


Relationships are the playground of Gods and Goddess, to create and experience divinity and merge deeper and deeper in truth of life, in one simple place…LOVE.