This world is unrevealed!


There is hope and joy

in shape of feathers and apple trees.

Inside the black hole, you and me

Growing out of shell of ignorance

Watching the sky, listening to rainfalls.

This world is unrevealed, wake up now!

Crimson moon is above our dreams,

Hand in hand we forget our DNA

Madly in love, we jump on cosmos waves

Moving deeper into milky way, beyond,

Beyond lemon tea and silk robe of night.

Where do we belong, lovers of myths and mystery?

We gaze into heart, pearls open up in mouth of Sun.

We can move all night into dark caves of ocean,

Seeking oysters and treasures of Atlantic.

One ray sun is enough to screen us out

Into warm seductive invite of light.

We are warriors in love of beauty and magic,

on a unknown mission, surrendering to waves and flux of Sun, water and mystery of human touch.

Raising our hands above our earth, dancing glorified on crown of clouds

Flirting with storms.

We stand on our grounds, transforming to hybirds.

There is a plan!

Our dreams are coming true.

Listen to the morning star and tale of hearts,

No need to figure out or understand

Why our hearts are so crushed in love, in eternal bleeding

To be whole again.

Juice of our human blood is the heaven ‘s nectar

the promise of life.

Joy and hope is our new playground

Not in our wildest dreams, we felt the passion of this homecoming.

Ah lovers, kiss the lips of sun.

This world is unrevealed, wake up now!

Serena Devi

March 2018