Silent passion, nature of God

We began as human and awakening takes us closer to be the NATURE of GOD, silent passion of being here, in now.

The rest could never be known by words and mind. The rest is the burning torch, the rest is the epic journey to true love. Human tears are so welcoming on thirsty mouth of earth, as heaven’s music is the blessing shower on our hearts.
God is here, the distance between us to this knowing is forever evolution of human kind. Expansion of our hearts as One is the beginning of another epic journey into Milky way of all dreams. Today, I offer the ache of love in my human bones, I offer my tears of devotion and longing to return as a Nature of God. What other purpose could be the reason for creation of all, in this flow, we know as life?
A Breath, is the simplest manifestation of God’s Nature. And our human feelings are sky pathways within body to take us back, to Original, to Truth, to heart of God.
Be brave,
Lose yourself in breath of truth.