Intuition & knowing

Yesterday, I came across a question, what is the difference between knowing and intuition?

Knowing is timeless and rise and transmute from centre of soul. It never changes, it is like a gravity keeping consciousness align to Divine plan and coding. It is the original blue print of creation/soul/matter/cell/intelligence.
Intuition rise in momentary scale. It is transmute from centre of body and usually connected with one of the chakra centre. It has a purpose to serve, to keep us, humans align to Soul. It normally activated and associates with drama/lesson/mirror we face as a challenge, fear and doubt. Eventually when we listen deeper to intuition voice, it upgrades and connects us to knowing. And we no longer interact to world from sense of body and form, we only walk/act/expressed at the level of Soul, therefore the blue print naturally unfolds through our consciousness without much of effort or planning.
It a simpler words, Intuition takes us to top of mountain, to observation deck, where knowing shines like a sun and everything could be seen, access and be transmuted within divine will/plan.

Serena Devi