A witness

Ordinary moments that fill my heart with delight.
I love soaking in silence and the hidden valleys covered in dew and fresh scent of a new day.
I love to sit on the red armchair, sip on my coffee and gaze into solitude of my heart.
Alone and connected with all.
I love the sound of sparrows from a far
and breath of pen on a white empty page.

the smile of strangers and noise of the city,
the laughter of children, the seductive approach of touch between two hands, two faces and one love.
Being here, in not knowing of life, in forever bliss of meeting sunrise in wonder and awe!

In tears of forgiveness,
Ache of gratefulness,
Mystery of love
And awe of an ordinary day,
Choice of being extraordinary,
Be a witness of a silence.

Serena Seraphim (Devi)