Perfect present

The source/God has made us who we are,
How could we be less than perfect?
How could any love be less than his will?
How could we ask for something different than what it is base on our conditional mind.
Everyday is perfect,
Everyone is ” I Am”.
The path is within, the knowing is Soul.
See and hear God, The Source of all, in a drop of rain, in a song of a bird, in not knowing of the next breath.
Silence is vast, dark and eternal, it holds everything, it is mother of life.
Fall into the silence and order of One unveils the original design, the truth is always here, in bare potency of present.
Love is a living relation of matter and soul, manifesting through time and space, in form and shape. It is not an emotion or feeling, it is alchemy and magic connecting multi worlds and dimensions. It is simple and yet the most complicated human experience until all of our perceptions are dissolved and choiceless awareness appears, gazing into emptiness, realizing No-thing. By Being ALL.

Serena Seraphim (Devi)