Repost – Infinite Love

Breathing gets slow

Almost stopped by tick tuck of clock.

We get one with wounds, touching life

To learn the art of let go,

Eternal replacement of wounds to flow of life.

No more words, what could be invented to replace such a huge space that

“ I “ has in our vocabulary.

The borderline of all encounters, perceptions, start and ending points.

Living in anxiety of what will happen if “I” disappear from clouds of mind.

Perhaps breathing gets back to normal. Remembering the depth of heart and

Flow of infinite love.

It is a full squeeze, meeting the heart, finding the silent face behind all.

What is keeping me away from embracing the hollow in my “I”,

Wishing won’t cut it this time. I am ready for removals of all cloths, delays and man-made taboos.

Beauty is the only way to heal wounds, to touch by magic of time and space.

Only love could believe so strong to make someone as stubborn as “I”

Shatters in blow of sand and wind. Back to Earth, Back to Sky.

That is the myth, the nameless path of alone people.

Moment to moment, from stone to air, from water to dream.

From here to infinity, step by step, feeling everything and let go everything.

Come back home, ah, my wanderer soul, come back home

Kiss Sun and fire. And stop the noise of words, find the key to unlock the music of silence.

It is the way of the braves, the way of no return, complete disappearance in mist.

No more of “I” could exist, joy cracks open the hard shell of watermelon.

See the dark seeds in red flesh of earth, calling the children to return to eternity.

Set us free, they pray before arrival of the dark night,

Light flickers and glass mountain rests in peace of not knowing the stories written in wind.

Enough, it is enough words to replace all stories in one book,

The book of creation.

O lord, this moment is the end of “I”, no more!

Let many dies and one lives.

Last hours before dawn, night is black, deep and no ending.

The bodies are hidden there, inside the darkness.

Womb is clearing the path of masters, wake up my child!

Wake up!

O Lord, Who is here, Who is gone?

Receptivity is home of life.

Open up to infinite love.

Be drawn in love, be love, the gentle, sweet dream of touch.

Now, the wounds could be heard, softly flowing into river of forgiveness.

Earth is healed by wounded warriors, lovers of truth, alone hermits.

They are the blood of earth, force behind all new creation.

Wake up my child, you are home.

The house of love, the silence of “I”.

You are the Home, the journey, the purpose, the no name, all names.

You are me, I am you.

Drop everything in river of love

and flow with all of your courage to be “I”.

The Eternal “EYE”. The Infinite One.

Serena Devi