I pledge

~I pledge – an open letter to heart of all.

What is working in my life?
What is universe guiding me toward?

Something deep, heavy and yet untrue is leaving the soul of Earth (Gaia).
The physical/solid/matter has been manipulated into condition and restriction for so long that coming to New Frequency Of Earth feels so painful for our bodies. Many of us, light workers as awaken as we are, in our stillness experiencing physical pain and condition which is the manifestation of eras karma of Earth, human ancestors and wasted life.

On personal level, I was widely awake at 6 years old, remembered my origin, Divine Oneness and still was planted in one of the darkest places on Earth. Over the years, the most certain and unchanged part of my soul evolution was and is this magical, mysterious and unpredictable intimacy and love affair with the creator love.

All the changes over the last 10 years of this intense pilgrimage into Heart of Gaia, led my little boat to unknown storms, new lands, desert and complete death of ego. As I reborn at soul level, my body felt forgotten. Specially the last few years, I moved from physical activity 100% to physical activity 0, more sitting still, witnessing, my body expanded more and more by holding more of light and truth. It wasn’t my personal preference to sit and completely stop activities, somehow my body couldn’t process too much movement, even having normal conversation became so difficult.

My body began feeling physical pain, allergy, sleep disorder, thyroid imbalance, I felt so sensitive to energy, being in public, a deep need for silence grow every moment until December 2017/January 2018. After a very long time, years as a matter of fact, I am landing or in a better word, reborn in my earth body. A lot of personal memories are gone, I look at my body and do not recognise anything about I Am as a woman I was.

It feels, somehow within this cosmos soup of awakening and upgrading, we become so much of soul and our connection with physical changes, some of us, like me that never really wanted to be on Earth or physical, have a hard time to anchor in body with the new soul frequency, have a challenge to even go out again and embrace the world. Direct experience of God/ the source has been so delicious, so secretive at some levels that is almost impossible to see the world of form,other people even my own reflection in the mirror. This has been going beyond, beyond, beyond everything, be no -thing.

I recognise today, the purpose of Sacred Union is to return and be part of the flow, but easier to say than to really wish to manifest.
I have been through a very deep pain and time since I have returned to Iran. Shifting the perception to include myself as life, also being patient to witness, deepest wounds of humanity within my being, healing, speaking and inviting me to return to the world, as a whole being.

How could I be self less, without any desire or attachment and have the possibility to never be worry or even responsible for my physical needs and still be so deeply tormented to come out my cave, to stop being a hermit and claim my physical body, so Goddess reborn, so the warrior marsh into revolution as an agent of spirit.
How much I am going to blame the darkness or low vibration of matter while I am the one who manifested all scenarios to die as ego and become as an angel/seraphim I promised the creator that I shall be.

Can you feel our collective pain and suffering? We are lions dressed as sheep, we are burning sun and decreased to a candle light.

I pledge,
to embrace who I Am,
to love my body,
my lifetime imperfection of physical form,
to surrender to power of my soul as a leader, and truth walker/ speaker and use my limited form energy to manifest my unlimited potentials.
Most of us are fully awaken to our star origin, our mission and our promise as volunteer souls. Most of my life I refused to accept the low frequency that being in physical impose on my fast and high galactic presence, today, I hold my body with the same love I feel for the creator of all. I accept this gift and blessing as part of I Am and may this inner marriage merge and forge the sword of my angelic wings.

I am Seraphim, the connector of galaxies.
The worshiper of One.
I claim my vessel as part of ascending nd take full responsibility to own my pain and joy, both in every choice I have made, now, here and forever.
I stand as agent of peace, I begin with myself and may I be worthy to serve the entire creation.

I pledge to stand in my power,
Majesty Presence of Union with and in all
Now and forever.

Serena Seraphim