To be touched by life

A new poem – to be touched by life

Love flies like a wind,
warms the earth of our human,
like a sun,
While above the clouds,
Clear sky smiles
And fertile earth opens up
To be touched by Life.
God is here,
Between moments of present
And memories of future,
Ah, the knowing of pain
Made everything more simple,
More kind.

The gift of silence
Nameless fragrance of truth,
Earth is awaken,
Thank you my friends for walking with me.

This likeness between you and God
Is the shared journey to eternal love
Spiral Dance of the majestic swan
Softly caresses the flow of air.

Come my friend, surf on winds of feeling,
In Gratitude of homecoming of stars.

Harvest of struggle and human blood,
Kindness of offering to our own hearts,
Tasting the sweetness of freedom
And mystery of the morning light.

Thank you my friend for walking with me.

29 April –
© Serena Devi
Dedicated to my dear friend Sunomi Rose. ❤❤❤