The Avatar

A moment of truth_ vibration zero
Tonight I like to leave these few words on white pages of life, in not knowing, in awe of simplicity and perfection of each moment. .

I sit in a plane tomorrow night, another leap of faith, into fire of cosmos. I don’t know how many of you relate to this bare humanness, vulnerability, hope, sadness and extreme pull to live and stand by truth. Accept life as it is, even when the next step takes you to full blindness of mind and ecstasy of heart.
I walked and lived many of these moments, right this minute, I feel the frequency of newness all through the body, I feel leaving Iran this time dissolved a very long loop into healing balm of forgiveness and love, ah, so much love that heart aches and bleed in mountains of my chest.
I feel, and I feel, but not just as a human, as a
binary of boundless consciousness remembering my(our) future, knowing in blink an eye, energy can transform and transmute the entire this plant and all of us here.

Then I breathe slower, and forgot all energy and ascending reports. Forget, I have no idea of why suddenly I am moved across the globe, out of comfort, safety, familiar, into hardness of a new journey, perhaps grow has a different outlook for some of us. I wish my life was less complicated as human, more plain and truthful like my soul. That would have been easier to show and speak of publicly on screen of life.

I was born to live as an example, not a guru or teacher, not even an artist. I was the steel, forged in fire of loving God, loving truth, loving life, a mad poet perhaps.
So no sorrow, no pain, no aloneness stopped my desire and passion to just walk as a rebel and be hermit, be some silent diver into ocean of unknown looking for stars.

I never knew how to be less than a warrior, how to rest and take a break from God. I envied all people whom have it normal!

Today, I wish I become retire of living it naked, and so stretched as woman and human in my every step. I wish I could talk or preach the living spirit, run an online feminist course, publish an epic book, have webinar, and not be a walking Christ!
Not be a truth walker!
The last 10 years, wasn’t just ascending and have my brain explode, It rewired my entire existence and not in an easy way.
Today I ask for ease, for grace of God, as I become more soft and surrender, to give me strength to speak of my truth instead of walking it. …
Could you pray with me, under this bright moonlight that my soul rest peacefully in this body and magically the sacred union takes place within chambers of my heart,

Would you stand with me, perhaps with tears in your eyes and ache in your heart and bleed love and reborn into eternal union, so perhaps my life also reaches to her ultimate bloom and I finally begin to Do the purpose I was born to do. Perhaps instead of suitcases, I will have drawers, my own bed and friends who feel more than try to understand my walk.
I call those friends, my tribe, my north and south, my forest and my moon. I call them ” New Earth” and To them I promise I die standing truthful, each step of the way, as hard and as easy it rise, because I love you.
And I thank you for loving me unconditional.

Let 2018, be a celebration of A New Civilization, cities of light and thousands of avatars.
.thank you