The happening waves

Earth is more than a planet, a home for humanity or a threshold for livings. Earth is a Galactic Sphere, a station that is and continue to play an important role in what humanity perceive as A Cosmos/Universe Future.

The connection and meaning of Time and Space over the recent years have found a new direction. Humanity is returning to the original coding of Creation, the body DNA and genetic science are a touch base of a far more advance intelligent life system. The interconnection in physical reality is a just a nudge of an Iceberg, the truth of what life is and how in perfect harmony moves, creates, supports and transforms are the mystery of creation and only now, by the awakening through collective consciousness, we become intimate with the mystery of God/the Source, not not just spiritually but through science and experience.

We are standing at the time/universal moments that huge part of life as a living sensory is collapsing on earth, through violence, imbalance, early and irregular transformation (death in nature, humans, earth quicks, tsunami,…) ego mind, control and fear, human species race is in danger to be completely removed due to this imbalance and disconnection to flow of Life.

We are witnessing a great movement of consciousness through frequency, vibration, all invisible to eyes and yet deeply felt by awaken souls through their human vessels, that could only serve as a metaphysics alchemy upgrade within body of the source to re -structure, transform, process and bring the disfigured energy/consciousness to original state, Heaven on Earth, Bliss.

Earth is THE Getaway to future of Galaxies, having said that, future is NOT on a straight line. Future is a binary part of our momentary frequency, forever evolving, changing and crystalizing. Spiral cycle of DNA within Body of God.

The purpose of this collective upgrade in human/soul (masculine/feminine) polarity is not just sacred union within, or contemplate the New Earth, it serves a far greater vision and design of The Source.

When we speak of New civilization, it will be more than human species, it means what for centuries have been debated as fantasy and fought and argued about, it is coming to full bareness and exposition.

Life exists beyond the Earth, other physical realities, galaxies, different species, far more advanced than us, in communication to the,Source, innocent state of soul, faster in frequency, creating,and also manipulating the matter for goodness of All.

Trust and accept this happening for a five sensory human that is led by ego mind and already brought so many wars, destruction and sorrow ruled by shadow Governments is the chaos and suffering of the world which most humans still living.

The spirit revolution is what is taking place now, this shaken up is necessary, this rewire on entire human understanding of Truth/Love/Mind of All is unavoidable, it is happening, as life breaths in our human bodies, so she does on Cosmos level, all inclusive, all transmutes and transforms.

As above, as Below.

Servants of Truth, light workers, starseeds are planted here for the highest good of LIFE. At this time, The source has activated within, releasing lower vibration, for sake of higher creation.

It is important as we walk and experience our physical dimension, accept the multi-dimension strength, vision, connectivity and corporation as One, we need to surrender, accept and allow matter(physical) renew and be upgraded to receive a far deeper coding ( life intelligence).

Earth is created as the school of transformation, alchemy and advancement, a platform for stargates, UFO, love, pure Love, for higher Education of Souls, as One, as Heaven.

Like a drawing book full of white pages, newborn ideas, creation, The source is perfecting herself and evolves momentary through our choices, as a willing presence to Serve Purity, Clear agent of life.

We are here to Engineer the New Earth by coming together as pure doers/body forms and channel intelligence of cosmos, build cities of Light, in geometric designs, sustainable living systems, eco friendly, Gaia Loving, free from ties to any sort of control outside of ourselves.

This is not a project foe selective, it is a design for collective. As forerunners, we need to really let go everything we believe in our human condition and stories, it is a new dawn, new planet, new civilization.

Please join this call wholeheartedly, it is time for individuals to recognise the effortless pull toward their blueprint activated aligned tribe and jump and let life carries us to what will be full presence of The Source as a Collective Consciousness, living in alignment, in balance, in bliss.

In Gratitude

Channeled by Serena Seraphim (Devi)

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