Observation deck

Love does not speak of love,
Love is.

Every part and stage of the awaking serves a purpose in movement of whole.

My body feels exhausted from early April, a lot energy upgrade and release. Just few days ago, with a packed suitcase, ticket in hand and a reasonable plan, my body collapsed and I missed the flight and landed in far deeper vulnerability and surrendering to what it is.

Things are changing, Earth is transforming, Sun is evolving and we all know so deeply the silent truth, we might choose differently in how we voice this boiling ocean of love which we all drowning, disappearing, merging, loving.

Also activating, empowered in original essence and ready, so ready to beat as living Divine, pure love, humbled servant of Life.

In the light of 5.5, silence is all there is and will be. Honoring where we are, and recognising the world as it rises, reflects and teaches, then shortly disappears will be a theme of the rest of our walk on Earth, as Human/soul/frequency.

It is a right time to thank my friendships, soul tribes and deep love relations over fb, as my presence and work also finding a different direction.
I am sensing a renewal and erased of big junk of human memories, release of entwined nudges within human psycho/soul web, and arriving of a complete new energy and vibration from formless state of existence, into physical manifestation. This new energy is effortless and yet beyond any mind understanding.

This month, May 2018 will be a month that we have to put our Master Builder hat and work deeply with our own coding, downloading, messages. It is the month at least for me, that tune into spirit, remembering the mission plan, vision and either write or verbalise the activated code within the flow consciousness of soul group and tribe which I AM represent.

This is the ultimate surrendering as human, to be the voiceless awareness, and like a sugar lump accept the alchemy of present, heat of transformation and outcome of disappearance into sweet taste of Divine.

Love has been our chosen reality and it softens the edges of ignorance and arrogance of our human forms, I celebrate with you, with all the end and the beginning of this ERA of Light Happening!

It seems my physical vessel will stay a bit longer in Iran, I am drawn to write, design and bring the New Earth/Civilization Vision into manifestation Frequency and tangible steps. It feels the entire energy of Milky way is over my head, constantly having memory of future, where I am certain I am coming from! Something cleared and all is in the light now.

There is one thing which is very clear, ascending, awakening is not going to be important in 5 years time on Gaia, the higher frequency and vibration is the way of our human future, soul will be awaken more and more, that is only a part of this shift, what is the bigger picture?
What is the Vision and how The Master Builders of Divine Design will bring it into Physical reality?

We will move faster into whirlpool of unknown, our way of connecting to each other, the world, inner centre, outer galaxies, all are about to completely upgrade.
Energy is purifying itself, so none of our old way of thinking, doing or even being will make sense. In a very short term future, many will communicate via telepathy, twins are coming together only to speed the Earth Evolution and not because individual desires for sacred union.
Human species are not important, Life is. Energy is eternal force.

The ultimate possible outcome of these shifts, happening in compare to Age of Earth, Galaxies and Universe is Nothing! And yet it feels vital and significant, we all feel it and no one can deny these senses.
It will be more beneficiary as we go on every day of life, choosing, being here and in present, we also have a third eye connection with Eye Of One, The Vision for New Earth is serving Universe and higher timelines of Galaxies. Everything follows the law of Frequency, now what we see in a five/ten/fifteen years time on Earth?
How much more we need to surrender to let The NEW Manifest in physical and where is our place?
It is the time to Not Follow anyone or anything, it is the time to let the water settles, energy lands through Key Places and Vessels.
Time to work with Silence.
And observe, observe, observe.

Love all