Pausing in love

Sometimes, we only can serve through emptiness, where silence holds life.
Tears in my human eyes speak of a lifetime thirst to drink from the cup of Hieros Gamos!

Today between taste of Turkish coffee, tears, magic of candle light and ache for freedom, I offer my breath to the Creator of all, to be used in service of all.
To meet myself beyond flesh, blood and mind.
I so much in love,
Gone, gone into heart of one,
here, alive and soft.

We are never alone,
Truth of this Now, is the passion, the warmth, the mystery and love affair. We are the purpose, the gentle movement of spirit in human veins.

All perfect, with a hint of sadness, joy and hunting beauty of human heart.

Thank you Universe, You are the Centre and “I” the mad falcon.

Forgive, Accept, Love, Appreciate.

🔆 Serena 🔆