It is happening

How life could balance life? Earth is awaken from sleep, we are awaken. This is life returning to Origin.
Some of my friends here share their journey on roads, becoming wild and raw and jumping into adventure and how beautiful and sacred these movements into abyss of unknown are. And some others like myself, been put in space that no action is possible, not outward at least, so all possibilities are hidden inside silence and stillness.
The deeper we move into truth, earth in us and as a planet shakes and clears the old condition and structure.
Counting blessings, honoring all reflections, letting God in more and more.
So much clearing, loving and let go. All feels right, every step in or out is right, standing still is right too.
This is the moment, on the highest peak of Soul , we witness the magic and power of The Mighty in re-creating and re -starting a new movement through flow of consciousness and intelligence across Cosmos, Earth, Human/Body/Soul Vessels.

By the river of love,
through the seasons
We remember our promise
To run wild and organic,
To be joy and light
We remember
The PLACE called Heaven,
Portals are light ladders
Into the Heart of One.
Rise in glory and gentleness,
Gaia is liberated,
Something eternal
Is born.

Love all.

Serena Seraphim Devi

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