Hieros Gamos on Earth

Gaia’s energy in January 2018 completed her renewal and shift. The last few weeks many humans arrived and merged in all aspects of Self which means the higher self (Soul) united with Body, the power, wisdom, communication with galactic and Earth frequencies are shaping the global movement of those known as (Awaken). Final stage of Sacred Union/ Hieros Gamos is Totality, PURE AWARENESS, Flow in and out.
The scale of this transformation within Our Galaxy never happened before, in a bigger picture of existence and life on Earth, new raise in frequency unveils new collective keys and data to direct this movement and Engineer a New Civilization and New Earth in physical reality, and constant evolution to higher realm and dimensions.
The collective work will begin in coming few months, as Soul no longer experience separation, duality and polarity of 3D, becomes another tool to serve consciousness.
Raise of frequency within the human shall continue, light is our Nature and until we as a collective vessels purified completely at the physical level, waves of Solar Upgrades will hit us and might still experience overwhelmed symptoms and momentary have human identity (3D) has returned, by end of 2018, these also comes to an end and some already live fully in freedom of their United Soul frequency.
Trust and maintain the observant position, physical reality always follow the activated Soul Blue print. The ride will get easier and with more grace and magic.
Smile to the universe with you which is coming to life.
Artwork ( Earth Goddess) is an energy and frequency painting, blur your eyes and gae into it, colors will assist in opening codes and offer healing.

© Serena Devi 💚💎🌈🔆🔺💞

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