Today, I woke up in agony and joy of Love, pure fire and bliss of presence of the source of all, the beloved within My every cell and plasma existence. As it gets closer to my body transportation to North America, I have been experiencing some old saving behavior, trying to make plans, create some,safe landing at same time, part of me deeply recognize this has been 3D of doing.. and this morning, tears began falling and I am still deeply moved by shower of grace, showing I am born for this level of let go and surrendering to the only Truth I knew and Know. The Creator of Love, my true origin and return in forever cycle of love, death and bliss.

For my human, thinking that I have to go to a land that I am only a tourist with few hundred dollars, no work permit, no medical insurance, just enough to arrange this transfer and just now was shown, I have to stop planning, asking and just go as it is, it is quiet frightening at age of 52 years with some physical health concern.
Bit how could I not rest in this embrace that takes my breath away with ecstatic joy and passion beyond words, to disappear in nameless love and faceless lover.
I am typing these words from a place beyond any dimension, from a moment out of time and space, where I am unchanged light, pure pulse of Divine Mother/Father in forever worship of beauty and innocence.
I feel this original code, so deeply today, the only other time this came so strong was in 2008, when my heart was pierced, broken and shattered in reflection of twinsoul. The pain then now is transformed and transmute with full devotion to my Earth purpose and Mission.

I have been walking alone, a true hermit and mystic, what I learnt and unlearnt all took place in a small room in my stopovers in Iran, dead of ego, control, hope, attachments, let go of physical belongings including body image, personality masks, it all happened in this aloneness.

I never felt lonely, and today more than ever I feel and recognise this togetherness of ascending and alignment to One Source. I also see how each one of us are perfectly designed to serve a,specific role and purpose. Due to our chosen path and human body experiences.

So, I have to honor this knowing of my soul, resting between arms of my beloved and fully surrender that all is perfect and follows the master activated motherboard.

Love has won over and over, now there is no person or a war to be won. It is just homecoming, being empty and receptive to be a teansmuter of Light, truth and life.

I share this vulnerable moment as a final reflection of who I thought I am and gladly let her image, fears, grasps, control, tries, all rest peacefully in fluid moments of life, where consciousness is pure, powerful and intimate with the Father/Mother of all.

I am loved, you are loved, so deeply that blood of love is running out of our human forms, lightening our path to Nirvana, heaven, Original state. To be whole and united with The beloved of all.

Today, my gift to life is surrendering.

Take everything and let emptiness be my home.


May 2018, Tehran Iran 

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