One shadow, one life

Beloved friends, light tribe,

I like to thank you for your presence of truth, kindness, compassion, generosity, sincerity and unconditional love. Over years, I learnt many life changing lessons on this platform.

As I am experiencing the final moments of my stay in Iran, the country I grow up and left mid twenties with a heart full of hatred and anger, I am seeing the complete transformation of my human heart into a vast accepting space that today can truly embrace everything in this land, including deep wounds of my childhood and be grateful for every scar, tears and ache in my bones and wash them in love.
My prayers are answered. Peace is where I Am and who I am.
Ths time, I fell in love with my parents, seeing and feeling them in a new light, witnessing how we always been part of each other, how strangely their souls assist my evolution and choices to have my relationship with Divine/ source of all as primary since early age.
Ascension serves not just our walk of soul, but freedom of human Ego and prisons of old programming. This is the union of sky and Earth, masculine and feminine, this is the seed of a new Civilization on the sacred ground of Gaia.

Becoming grateful in face of everything, shadow and the light.
I have had endless opportunities to face myself and what had blocked my path to freedom, to be constant in surrendering to my highest good. To take many leaps into unknown, choose a higher path each day no matter how uncomfortable and stretch my human becomes, to offer all I am to feel deeper sense of love for all creation. I became bare soul, light has become dominating aspect of my truth.

We each as a light being are designed to express, reflect and accumulate different parts of the Whole. Our divine connection is the primary guide to allow such a perfection in materialisation of each light bearer destiny and mission.

I need to sit on that flight to North America and no logic and even physical material reality supports this, except the clear voice in my heart. I did try to ask here and other places for a safe space, asked to met with aligned consciousness so this flows in ease, well, so far, the no manifested reflects that I need to remember I Am God and stop checking the mirror,

so today, I take one final step a human and as a soul to be fully bare in arms of the One, saying Yes to Life, Sky, stars, blood of Universe, Mother of All Beyond the facebook, social media, earth friends and family relations, because came the moment.
I have to endure the strength of my unconventional walkabout alone and only look into heart of One and I shall Rise. I shall rise as a Seraphim at the other side of the mirror.

Thank you for showing me who I am and who is my true lover. When we feel really alone, no centre, no ground, we become one with Sun.
And Divine love shall carry us to the next level, and our shadow on the ground will be One.

Blessings and love to all.
Seraphim, I Am.

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