July update- moving forward

Nothing is familiar inside this dream. Somehow they are jumps between what appears and what truly is here.

I am sitting on this comfortable bed in my friend’s home, reflecting at sunrise, while silence in my heart grows so strong, that no-thing else seems matter.

I have never been here, in this delicious newness of life, this oneness with ground and sky, with heart and mind empty of thoughts. It feels like home, strangely with $120 and 21 more days between safety of knowing walls of life.

If you have been following my journey over time, you know there us no lack in abundance and love that comes to life that I Am.

It has been a lot of let go of fears, limitation and false identities.. trust has become the sole front runner of this pilgrimage and since I arrived in Canada on 6th June, less and less I feel any old pattern or parts of surviving program.

Freedom in everyday choosing, the shape of unshaped day waiting for a new song of soul.

As I wake up everyday into a mesmerising Zen garden, I meet myself through a thin veil, the last of them, standing at the edge of new Life, where living happens effortless, intimate with silence, peace and deep love for everything.

Every step is easy and graceful, how could it be otherwise? After so many shedding and carving, the flute is empty, ready for the majestic presence of One, the king of my heart, the beloved of my breath.

The knowing is a pure consciousness in forever evolution and perfection of elements through space and time.

The no doing part of All is the power of feminity, generating through allowing and attracting. It feels, we are invited as a collective consciousness to honor and observe from this aspect at the present.

It feels so strange to be completely alone again after months living with others. In a very peaceful Island and close to nature, where timelessness touches everything.

Even gratitude takes place more in silence and just be, joy of a moment, in presence of great spirit.

Honoring Earth, her beauty and receptive nature is such a teacher, how wind moves the leaves, stones stay unmoved on top of each other, how waves allow the magic of ocean to move them through low and high tides.

How my heart gets even more naked while everything I knew, owned and struggled for are completely either gone or transformed to new possibilities from the place of acceptance, passion and openness.

I am standing one last time, eye to eye and heart fully open to embrace Myself, as Divine Creator, as a truth walker and a poem of God.

Blessed be the children of One, the new Era has opened all gates, portals and possibilities to unimaginable joy of existence.

Heaven is Here, May all lives be touched by her peace and beauty.

© Serena Devi

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