In an unwritten book, childhood seems like a promise. A happy song, a place to feel safe, free and joyful.

Piping down the empty road, shadows laughed on a ground of earth. While when I look up I see a child jumping over the clouds.  This is known as the Milky Way to the faraway stars, the birth- right of all children to sing with birds and dance with flowers.

To know they are star dust.

To know their true origin and remember monsters are not real.

The riddles, the whispers behind the door, the unwritten book is a dream of another life…

What is written is sad and heartbreaking. It is rooted in darkness, tears and being afraid to wake up.

It is forbidden to speak of, it is no longer under the bed or in the closet. It is breathing in our heads. We believe it is real because it is written and repeated in all fairy tales. We are told of this repeated lie over and over by Barbie’s dolls and terminators’ toys, by fairy castle and prince charming. Some stories still spreading the magic of being invincible and awake. Stories of dragons and brave worries, Peter Pan and Never land! Little Prince and being intimate with a Fox.  I like to think, there is still hope for past and future, if we can have a loving childhood in present, perhaps we heal our past and build a new future from one awaken moment, now.

Today if we type the word “Childhood” in search engine box and press enter, topics and associated words appear as:

Trauma, education, obesity, disability, loss of childhood, research, social relations, early development, success, programs.

What is missed are: play, fun, love, belonging, dream, space, freedom. Every child born innocent and free.  At some point, every child wish for a pet, for a playmate, for an ice-cream.

Childhood, meant to be safe and peaceful, space, to imagine and create, to dream the impossible. Childhood is a boundless platform where we can build our ships to adventure, and discover newness, limitless possibilities, to experience and learn. To expand, to laugh and be curious about everything for the rest of our time on earth.

To make friends with sky and sun. To swim in lakes and build tree houses. To listen and find harmony with nature, to take refuge in silent mountains and grow up as a conscious creators.

There was a time, our small hands were holding sacred parts of earth and forests. Trees were our home, caves, a secret places to hide our little treasures. Feathers, copper coins, carving knife, dry flowers, unusual rocks.  Tom Sawyer and Hack Finn were our examples and Peter Pan and Little Prince our hope for a promise land or a new planet to never grow up because that would be the end of dreaming and being playful and adventurous.

I am not certain when we realized the difference between fairytales, our personal dreams and what we taught to call reality. Somehow our childhood disfigured to serve the modern invention of comfort, success and fast forward growing up!

We were brain-washed in small and large doses, our hearts were seeded with fears, injected with stories of darkness and monsters. Our simple desire for an ice-cream was replaced by video games and mobile phones.

Childhood became no longer safe or joyful. Our adventures turned to be a list of activities which our parents choose to make us an advanced version of their failed dreams.  A better chance to become a perfect doctor or a lawyer or a famous piano player, otherwise the world no longer supports us, and we have to be alone.

We learnt to believe we have to work hard and purchase things to make us feel better, more precious and worthy. The venom is in the blood of humanity and childhood is the injection and infection period. By teenage time, it spreads all over our minds and cripples us by fear, conditions, and deep sense of unworthiness and loss.

Childhood in twenty first centuries is a prison without walls and chains. Not just children, most of humanity are trapped in mind and stories of not being good. The illusion and believe in financial success and  social recognition which is valued externally  as personal & social achievements, physical attributes, fame, wealth,  and feedback of media, governments and public population. Without the external evaluation, internally we feel separated and lost.

Of course, they are still heroes and rebels between us. Awaken to their true essence and participate playfully and purposefully alongside elements and nature. The braves among us, are the children of hope and truth. Most of them are raised from dark and aloneness, they unlearn their educational development of fear and believing in monsters. They returned to wounds of every human body child and healed the infection by love and remembering their essence.

They surrender to mystery and spontaneous unfolding of the journey of life.

This is an unsaid story of one of them, a rainbow child.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl living in a dark place, believing her home is above the stars. She used to go at nights out into the forest, she felt safer there than her own bed. Monsters were real in her house, hurt and painful marks on her soft skin were real. While the magic of stars mesmerized her little heart into far away safe roads beyond fears and pain, where birds sing and rainbow paints beautifully on bare skin of sky.

One day she found the courage to pack her little treasure box full of crystals and colorful ribbons. While the house was sleep, she opened the door to infinite possibilities and walked out. For a while, a close by forest kept her safe. She learnt how to make friends with animals and standing trees. She began to write down her dreams on soft leaves and decorated the pages with wild flowers. She gradually made a little house above the trees. Her childhood memories changed into ripples of wonders and new senses developed with more awareness of beauty, skills to listen to nature and shape shift accordingly. To create and invent whatever she needs, to connect deeper and deeper to earth, to be one with life.

Her wounds healed, she forgot the monsters and fearful bites of her daily sad emotions. Her destination shaped unexpected and perfect by each morning dawn, joyful songs of birds and the mystery of moonlight. She discovered laughter and jumping naked into cool rivers. She met travelers crossing the forest, sharing their stories. The day came, she wanted more adventure, learning more skills and above all, her desire to know more about the stars.

As she grow up and her dreams widen and more colorful, her walk – about made a path around mountains, forests and big cities. She met many frightened children, some only by monster stories and some by real ones. She created signposts, she built tree houses over all lands for safe keeping of the runaway children. She wrote books on real good quality pages about Milky Way and the magic of stars.

She built schools without walls and development plans, with free hugs and a love manual.

She brought forward her childhood, from dark to light, from fear to courage, from following to creating.

She became a Star, shinning upon the face of earth, seeding hope and true map of happiness. Yes, they are heroes among us, walking free. Children of the Sun and Stars.

I like to think we can write that book, where children are the promise keepers of a peaceful earth, right here, right now.

Look deep into the night stars and remember, we are all star dust!

Shinny and Unlimited. We might walk in adult shape, but when one look with eyes of heart, could see we are the Children of the Earth.

We are Hope, Courage and Joy.

Childhood is not a period defined by time and height, it is the living innocence in our human form.

Be a child in every giving moment, touch the earth,

but always reach for the stars.

Copy Right 2018 -©Serena Devi All rights are Reserved




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