A new day

Love moves tenderly
Around the bridge
Between I and you!
In our God-likeness
We gaze into our divine destiny,
Silently and wholeheartedly
We cross over
To a New everything,
Like a rainbow children,
Like an ancient lovers.

My humming ends
In joy of our union.
Fire and Ice,
Heart and mind, together,
Human and Spirit.
Ripples of One.
Kissing the rays of Sun,
Planting seeds of love
Across the sharp edges of awakening.

Stars, galaxies, the songs of my heart
Resting in your silent presence.
Ah, my love, we are in home of each other.
Our bodies and our one soul,
Now, tree of life is reborn.
In lovestream, we all flow
Tenderly, back to milky way.
As gaze into infinity,
Infinity returns our gaze
Song by song,
Tears by tears,
Kiss by kiss.

We crossed over
The world is turning,
Gaia is spinning.
You and I
Melted in stream of infinite love.

We are at home now.

Serena Seraphim Devi

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