I am your fire, hidden and trapped between walls of denial and avoidance. I am the broken screams of years of slavery and pain of rejection and mistrust. I am the parts of you, disfigured and cut in pieces with cruelty and rage. I am the ache in your human bones, the terror of never been wanted or accepted.

I am the dark Queen of your feelings, soundless tears of years of abandonment and exile from moist, soft nature of your existence. I am seduced body, forgotten and abused, weighted with sins and betrayals of faceless abusers.

I am your power, heartbeat of your dreams. With me, your flesh is nude and open to receive the secrets of Feminine River of longing to belong. Shed your covers, shed your skin, and remove the mask of knowing. Sink into vulnerable juice of life. Feel your own fire, burn into holy desire of unity.

I am your fury, the scream of resistance and living lifetimes as doormat. I am the revolution of spirit, in your heart and body. I am the liberation pathway of self mastery.

Embrace me with all you are, feel the anger and heaviness of lost dreams. Let go of your fear and step down, further down the spiral to center of Earth.
Gaia is calling, the burial of old energy is close, your hate for being suffocated by lies and deceptions, your rage for misuse and suppression. The untrue crimes and unjust accusation. The broken voice and never spoke before.

Let it all be heard now, the long unending scream of rising from darkest places of your feminine body and soul. I am You standing in truth. I am the voice of fire, blood and grace. I am the ancient priest/priestess whom were tortured and burnt on sticks in the name of morality and tradition.

I am the dancer of hunger and passion. I am the the flames circling around Primordial tower of justice. I am the burnt one. I am the voice of feminine. I am the rise of Masculine from stream of heart, lifetimes prisoner of the gender, domination and control, returning to tenderness behind mind, aching to flow and embrace my woman.
I am the gravity and pain of being chained in a soft body, full of poison and anger for being the second gender.

Drop everything, your cloth, your name, and your belongings. Stay naked, in the black river of your feelings. Let it be heard, let it flow into freedom, into present.

I am the sleepless nights, restless hunting of lost lovers, I am front and back of one window. I am the memory of unborn children, vanished in fear of your unworthiness to be a mother, a wife, a daughter. I am the dark forgotten prostitutes selling my body, my hope, my strength for a moment of acceptance, and love.
I am the lost dreams of soldiers and warriors dead in grave yards of false kingdoms and battlefields.

I am the unnamed hero, saving true self, standing alone in face of unknown, melting in love and desire to give and return to womb of creation. To embrace All I am, no man, no woman, a soul returning to myself.

I am the brave one, I am the opposite of light, the other hand of one. I am the shooting star, on my mission to completely dissolve in my nature of dark, return to beyond.

I am woman of my women, I am man of my men, honoring our tribes. Giving my life to voice of One, to be heard and be more than a memory of a stone on a graveyard. I am the darkest flames of light.
I am the faceless truth, the end of all paths.
I am the sacrifice, the crucifed one. I am Christ, I am Mary Magdalene. I am a storyteller, lost in words, in love with a candle light and destined for greatness.

I am more than a name, a body or a face. I am moon whispering into the night. A bird with broken wings, believing in flight. I am outgrown of my tradition and religion. I am the urge to speak of truth, and nothing but the truth. I no longer caught in games of the world and false imprints. I know my nature, I know my essence. I no longer need corrupt leaders and governments to speak of my freedom or rights.

I am a pure soul, with fire and dignity. I am a light bearer with courage and breath as clear as sky, as pure as a soft petal of a rose.
I am a woman rising from the dark of my womb into light of my heart, soft and tired and alone, but I am still rising with all of me to my dreams. To fulfil my heart’s mission. To live before I die. To be who I am and serve the creator.
I am a man, kneeled on ground of love, wounded from wars with steel and hardness of mind, accepting my gentleness reaching to support my woman, to walk side by side, to be a healer of Earth and server of my own heart.
I am the dark of earth and light of heaven. My heart is house of love, the source of joy. The flow of life.

I am here, above all ignorance and denial. I am alive. I am alive and deserve to be here, in full light of present.

To feel my heart in each experience. To receive spirit pure intention. To flow peacefully on earth, give back the rage of lifetimes darkness, my pain of centuries to be born as a woman and feel everything and never dare to speak of truth, only with tears, only in dark, only humming.

I AM here now to embrace my beauty and grace, my truth and truth of all.

I am the dark hidden flame of knowing, returning to myself. Giving Birth to myself. Feeling the joy of my own juice, drinking from own fountain. I belong to no one. I am free and empty as spirit made me.
I am consciousness.

I am the end of fear, the end of hypocrisy and power craves.

In my dark, I dissolve and transform duality into unity.

I am a new cycle of life on earth, attracting through feminine waves, calling masculine into form, moving the entire universe into light.

Rising, whirling in love, gratitude and clarity.

I know my nature, my heart is the throne of hundreds lilies. I am the truth of one. I am the hub of love.

I sit in body and move into all directions, free, graceful and powerful.

I am here to build a new world, beyond limitation, fear and ignorance. I embrace life with all my heart, loving in full surrendering.

I am the Dark Queen of Heaven, the king of light of Earth.

Universe is my home and Gaia my heart.

I am Unity.
I Am One.

Serena Seraphim (Devi)
Rewrite 2018

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