Let it be, the moments of unknown and anticipation of arriving of New. There is no outline for mystery and magic of present. Present feels like nothing else. It is a song never heard before. It is a dance between innocence and birth of wonder. Always open to receive, always empty and potent for new melodies to be heard and spread over like a fairy dust cover the belly of aliveness.

Awakening is a flow of life, fully aware and yet not defined. There is a balance in the flow and stillness. There is a gateway that carries the dream of the dreamer into forms. Human bodies are designed to be portals and gateways, where hidden chambers can be discovered, gifts of the witness walking tenderly on ground of now, the ache of humming hearts unlock timelines and suddenly appears the open gates of Nirvana.

There is always a secret garden somewhere away from eyes, you can hear the sound of water, the songs written on sky, pathways to silver waterfalls and intimacy with magic of feathered birds.

Nirvana is nowhere out to be found. It is just here, inside the dream, behind the rose bushes, and laughter of children. The gentle touch of fingers on piano keys. It could never be shown, nor could stay hidden. It is a secret entry to a timeless space, where intention creates in speed of light and you know the oneness without words.

You cross the universe when the heart humbled and surrenders to present. Suddenly you see the mystery, light breaks open the moment, a womb of happening, God’s silence becomes alive, heart full of one and everything disappears, there is no other.

That is the magic of Nirvana, where all roads rise to sky and trees vibrate and smile as light dances over their leaves. Simply here, simply open and witness the relations, tender glances between the knower and the known. Acceptance the heaven’s inheritance, the magic of not knowing and silence the home of all seeds.

Today is such a day to receive the key of a new home, to enter the ground of Nirvana, with a rose in your hand and vulnerability and curiosity of a child. The path behind is disappeared, future is another dream, for today, sit beside the stream of present, bite the apple, smile to a fellow human. Today is a good day to fall in love again, to smile and build the dreams of One while the master plays behind all scenes. Today is the day to listen to your own beating heart and take the step into mystery of her hidden chambers.

Nirvana is a step away, listen….

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