Update and next movement on Earth

Beloved friends,
It has been deep silence and disappearing in One and to this moment nothing was clear or shaped within to become a message from Great Spirit pointing the next step.
Last night, I saw Raven and jet black void, hearing mystery, awake and in dream state, magic beyond all I know as human body vibrating in my body specially in belly since.
As my dearest friend who kindly offered her space since early July is returning, it feels the next movement will be to cross the borders of USA by land or water from Victoria and go as it unfolds to Sedona.
I do not know how this shape and manifest, my leaving date from my current space is 26th July and my abundance $35!
Within There is no desire to make things happen or sense of fear. I Am a witness and this message has came after weeks of sitting in silence and as human not sure I would have choose Sedona.
Now that Divine/Great spirit has spoken and clarity is here, I am opening up to empty force of One to does what is only possible through her power, into manifestation with ease and grace. And I surrender more to each moment, present is all there is.
Travel arrangement by ferry, bus, rides from other travels, abundance of food, space to stay, my mind speaks of them, my heart aches into more of acceptance and bow to not knowing of how. Surrendering is the next movement into truth of I Am.

This has been a pilgrimage started at my human level, today, I Am is not defined, nameless, just here and if asked why and how, what does it serve to walk this path, Serena will smile back and gaze into void knowing she is no longer the knower of anything, it is heart of one she is disappearing into, in love, in present.

Thank you.
Gifts of universe shall be received gratefully and in honor of All.


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