Beauty of life is in this unknowing. Mind never allows a moment free of concepts, ideas and plans and heart’s only desire is to love, here and now.
My friends say, I have a way with words, I have to admit, it is really The Creator that have his way with my heart, all the time!
The entire last year and this year so far, I barley wrote, I felt like a doing and a task compare to flow and spontaneous rush of inspiration. The last 72 hours, my heart and head have been pierced by energy and heat, barely could speak or convey any thoughts or feelings to verbal.
The level of uncertainty in my life is over 100% and I am planning to leave my friend space and plan to travel to Sedona is not shaped yet, and therefore part of mind from back door giving signal that I need to have a place to stay from tomorrow until I get some sort of funding and assistance to manifest the rest of this pilgrimage to USA and in meanwhile where should take my body?
Honesty, as I am typing these words, it feels it is someone else’s story and life, nothing feels personal, no grasping, no fear, no desire to do anything except living in moments and let it unfolds and my heart knows this deeply that everything is perfect and for everyone’s benefit. That magic and flow of life, brings, takes away, attracts, direct all at the right time.
While last year almost the same time, with the same suitcase, I was homeless in street of Brighton, and slept on a bench and then every few days in someone’s home, till some grounding shaped and my heart was full of worry, anxiety and felt vulnerable all the time!
I am still following spirit’s guidance like many others, been offering all I am to this surrendering and acceptance, sometimes, I do not know where the strength comes from. Also the grow and expansion of the level of awareness and witness state within, has become more and more centered in present and in breath.
Ascension is another word for being here and in now. Whatever we experience or drawn to do, starts from our being. And no being is really being if there is not enough space to stay in silence. That has been my greatest gratefulness that against all challenges and constant move and not knowing, somehow I always find myself alone with Spirit, in a space that everything disappears including my personality and only observant is here.
This observation deck is freedom, boundless abundance that assist not just me but all of us to use the power of intention, merge it with purity of Heart, and either create or attract whatever is required in moments.
There is no end in gratefulness in my heart, the depth of love and devotion to the beloved has been fire and passion behind all of my poetry and writing. Enlightenment and awakening is the only way for all humanity and no matter when and how will be out time to wake up, we all will pass many trails, initiations after initiation and in result our faith and courage becomes unshakable.
In light of Eclipse and Lion’s gate, it seems fair for many volunteers souls and starseeds, like myself that totality walk bare and transparent, we all gave up everything we possessed, had any attachment to from relations to behavior and addictions to be in service of One. We all experienced many death of Ego and hundred times lightening by New Waves of Energy, been through many upgrades and still continues and they are moments that our bodies feel will explode from so much bombard of photon and rearrangement of DNA, but we are still here, less and less HUman and more of the vessel. Some already started to do their divine work and some will about to begin. This Eclipse is a game changer for many that have been behind the scene, not had a grounding space and a perm resident. We are coming to a new life, it will shape according to individual/divine template as we all relocating and becoming more aware of our role in this collective Shift as NEW EARTH and CIVILIZATION. The greatest magic is that it will not change a thing in how our lives from now on will unfolds. Still be moment by moment, no place to hide, debate, blame and project. The choice is to be AWAKEN and today in face of unknown tomorrow, I know, my heart even more melting in love of all there is here, between all of us. The feeling of Sacred, the great mystery which is speaking through each voice, is the beauty and grace beyond words and any understanding. So, I take a deep breath one more time and humbly kneel in front of the creator all and ask: how can I serve you better?


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