Eternal Queen

Queen of light,
wrapped in her white feathers,
Stops at my place,
with a surprise gift in her hands.

A silver shiny ball,
Felt like a lightning
When she put it between my palms,
It was the big bang,
Birth of Eternity.

I became,
An empty space,
For the breath of life,
To pass,
opens up the gates of Force.
Shaped my clay,
Into a shepherd’s simple flute,
Where still air,
Pass through
The silent chambers,
Whispers the melody
Of the Great spirit.

Tears dropping from my eyes,
Into fountain of grace
Within my heart,
Pouring love from the ocean
into empty cups of seekers.

How could I resign
From such a pure work,
my needs are all fulfilled.
Clay is empty.

The eternal Queen
the secrecy of heart
The sacredness of love.
Fulfilled promises,
Silent portal of Clay
To be filled
With Spirit.
All here.

Eternity starts In Now.

© Serena Devi, March 2010

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