Truth walkers

Truth Walkers
The waves riding us to realm never discovered before. Our lives have lost its gravity and no memory surface to confirm our safety, or being on a right course of happening when vulnerable and fragile emotions visit our bare hearts. Evolution of our human skin into Eternal Light, how could we find a sense of belonging into chaos of two worlds, spirit and matter.
This choiceless awareness is the home of unknown, within our human boundaries and excellence of our souls. The truth is, it was never a matter of choice. Love knows no centre, or barrier. Sometimes it is so frightening, to walk alone knowing all is one, all connected, all are reflections of love within each heart which is placed delicately in Divine Design and still face the sharp edge of physical reality that there is no shelter or food. There is no one to catch us when body is so tired to take one more step.
Talking about Light, receiving and integrating light s very different to WALK AS LIGHT, AS TRUTH. In the world with over 5/6 billions population, some upgrading into true Essence, other still sleep walking, where ever we are in our reality is a mixture of frequencies and vibration, light and dark is inspirable in the duality. And that is why WE ARE HERE. To BECOME SOURCE by our every breath of truth.
Returning to the source is the book with many chapters, titles and even some white pages, always open for magic, surprises and acceleration of joy of Union.
In the chapter of ascension, mind is still and heart knows the way. Nevertheless, there is a deep tiredness from a long journey from the stars to Earth, to forget who we are and then fall into full activation. “Remembrance” is a heavenly sunflower bowing to the sun, the source of all.
Our Human stories are coming to end, freedom of past and future, although our bodies might still have a name and citizenships, but our hearts are washed by river of contentment and surrendering. Gratefulness is the fruit of our exhausting labors on fields of self realization and awakening.
We wish for rest, for life force touch and graceful movement to where ever our divine destiny unfolds.
Our nervous system, our human muscles are tired from not knowing what is the next resting space, can we carry this small bag of cloths? Does any other Star traveler on Earth feel this ache of let go?
Sometimes, we have short breaks, we fall into bliss and joy of Nirvana and it expands into more light and delightful experiences and we wish it keeps us there, always in that space of flow and oneness with all, but we truly are Guardians of Earth, Galactic Gladiators, if we know we are starseeds and planted on earth to serve the Gaia and Humanity at this TIME and Space, then we know there is no break or holiday and let keep the solitude and enjoy being a TEACHER and run ONLINE courses! And believe we serve the truth. And call it choice!
There is only choice, AM I TRUTHFUL to LOVE THAT I AM?
Have I really offered all of I AM, to SURRENDERING and ACCEPTANCE?
If you truly say YES to Divine Self, then the life you knew, will be out of your hand, for a very long time you might even feel like a mad person not knowing why your body is moved across the globe and you are at mercy of others! And some will see you as love and compassion, others throw stone at you!
You stay observant, even when heart is weary and hope feels like a distant bird, you trust the impossible moments of aloneness, because journey has a purpose even in these moments, you just wish for an eject bottom, a miracle, a way to be less light and more Earth.
Today, this knowing burns, agitates the core of heart, the insecurity of life without a centre. Something softens even deeper, in more liquid present, tenderness of flow when solid form is surrendered to be broken, to leave the old form and not even know, how the next one will look like.
Wisdom and essence will take us close enough to see the bridge, to feel the smell of roses, to hear the tolls inviting pilgrimage walkers to an open space, to freedom… but it is only love’s courage and passion which could help us to cross the bridge and stand on the NEW EARTH.
New Earth is a realm beyond vibration, it is the Divine home of Truth walkers. Only blood of truth and ache of longing beyond words and talks could open the STARGATE.

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