Pilgrimage of heart- moment of truth

Pilgrimage of Heart/ moment of truth

To experience our divinity, no border, perception, need, desire could exist between In & Out. Any situation we are experiencing at this stage of ascension is the clear mirror of what life is. We no longer could see ourselves as Human body and story and expect to experience wholeness and oneness.

Having said the above, I have to admit the last week and so, I have been feeling I am back in the pressure cooker and a lot of low frequency thoughts and emotions are surfacing. At the same time, so much heat and higher waves are landing in the body, constant sweat, rise of a new frequency from root chakra up the Kundalini, a lot of wave patterns in skull and spine. Feeling tired and dizzy, alone, like being the Universe and Alone, if it makes sense.
As I am going through them, mostly observing I also feel the strong pull of an ending within. Things, connections, frequencies, old way of relating to physical reality in the head as well as in actions that no longer can support the continues of this inner growth and crystalline, return to essence.
Deep intention to end this constant movement from a place to place, loop after loop to recognise what part of self is still not embraced and accepted as whole. Deep inquiry of where surrendering ends and passiveness begins and the difference!
When the cabin manifested, I meant to have space for writing and relaxing after so many travels, but the set up of my current resident also has brought its own challenges to show where I need to observe deeper, hold the silence, accept unconditional and also learn to have boundaries as a person when physical reality indicates self honoring, speaking my preferences.
This need for personal space while I Am is fully dissolved in One Love seems like a paradox. It also has been a trigger to many of my fellow lightworkers whom in the name of assistance passed a lot of judgments and conclusion of why I am homeless and walking bare on earth!

We all receive our own guidance and instructions through space and time, what seems like my path was shown and I was told of when I was 10 years old and as Human I did everything in my power to run away and skip this level of surrendering as it was clear then and now, Christ Consciousness without pure actions which means full offering of life to the creator of all is nothing but words, it might bring followers, students and believers but it never stands as Truth in the Heart of Almighty.
I know this in my blood and human bones that vulnerability is the gateway to return to Eden of God.
That is why I shared my every moment of Human/Soul/Angel that I Am.

This morning I woke up in 8th Dimension, memory of the future that I have lived. I also have had memories of 12 Dimensions, the cities of light that we plan to build is my home and yet, I am chosen to walk alone with not much of anything or anyone most of this human journey to emerge as a Seraphim.
Yes, when I came to this Cabin, I hoped for a rest period and writing and it turned to be another burning period to purified the level of consciousness that this light body represent.

I can not call miracles, because I have to become that Miracle, the force that connects and directs all fragments of One Design for New Earth. This blueprint is an eternal magical map of codes, symbols and powerful locations of Earth, it also held the keys to unlock every stage and the how of it coming to manifestation.
Serving the New Earth Template is my purpose and becoming the purity heart/soul/action to make this happen has been the reason of this bare walk! Like Christ, some of us are here to offer our lives as Sacrifice, do I want this? Did I chose this?
My throat wants to cry and say No, but my tears of heart, says Yes, over and over I refused my calling since I was 10 years old to speak of the Prophecy that is currently taking place on Earth under the name of Consciousness Ascension!
I was given this job by the creator of All, to walk the truth and then let the truth be heard in my presence. To become that divinity, I have burnt every second of every day of my conscious and unconscious parts of human life.
Now only flames are left.

And for the rest of my time in this cabin, I intent to shake this big fear of being the Majestic Presence leaves my human body, so my full service begins.
The agony and ache, the tears and helplessness of my human over the years of knowing and remembering are beyond words.
My only choice in front of the source was and is to say “Yes”, to the path that only a heart like mine could know and walk.

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