Earth, The holy fire

Only poetry brings me back to my true essence.

Only poetry…

~ Earth, the holy fire ~

This Earth is my wilderness;

love her seasons, her songs.
How much she reminds me to not give up on my dreams.
I love her daily prayers; the cricket song after the rain, the chanting winds around MT Shasta.
I love her graceful openness, her daring silent before storms.
She held me still, loved and nurtured.
This Earth is my most celebrated part, we lay together in mud and reach as one to blue sky.

The hunting beauty of forests and joy of my free steps on her welcoming stones.

Between our silence and eras of sufferings, we became sisters. We became one Body.
I love her for conceiving the mystery of her existence in curve of hidden meadows and high mountains.

This Earth is my breath, together we are invincible.
Together we dance free beyond any gravity, pure adoration of life.

This Earth is holy fire of my white bones,
And I Am her morning strength.

Serena Devi

Both text and photo are copy right.


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