Between worlds

Music plays and emptiness echos silently between dancing tunes.
So deep in aloneness, in Spirit.
Lifetime tears of untrue running out of our human eyes,
To bring our truth home.
Trust to the rightness of the moment,
Surrendering to unknown,
Humbled and vulnerable
On ground of love, beauty and innocence.
All situations resolve from within.

She is dancing between worlds,
The veil of the world loosen around her body,
She sings her heart into being.
She is a mystery to herself,
an extraordinary power
To create everything from

Be bold,
Be authentic & true to who you are,
Listen to waves of Silence, take a leap
into the flow.
let flames of love rise from purity of your essence/consciousness.
Rest peaceful in not knowing,
Give life to your wildest dreams, into manifestation,
Breathe into liberation of Now.
All is transcended into Light.
Be the One.

Words and photo:
Serena Seraphim Light (Devi)

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