Heart pilgrimage/Update

Dear Friends,
As some of you know, I am without a base on Sunshine Coast of Vancouver and staying with friends and $ is at Zero. today feels a beautiful day to renew my promise to my own soul and heart, to be in service of all and also put it out, to ask Universe for a more permanent home and flow of abundance and possibilities into manifestation and to give life to Voice of UNITY vision and also assist me to have a new beginning, here and now.
I am republishing my Poetry book “Eternal Love” and also editing and putting together my second poetry b

( The Hidden lover) together and appreciate
if you like and enjoy my writing/posts and also feel connect/inspired By Pilgrimage of Heart, the pathless path, the passion for Truth which has been moving my vessel from all comfort zones into being ALIVE, TRUE and Trust in bringing of life, I really appreciate your supports and love donation to make these steps happen.
I am also putting together a post cast for New Earth Unity Foundation and feel so excited that after 20 months complete surrendering in BEING, finally align joyful ACTIVITIES and actions are started. Thank you and Happy Love Day.

Art: Twin Souls / Serena Devi

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