Everyday we are invited to exam, observe and at some level choose our alignment with outer reality and relations. If they are truthful and we feel joy, equality and authenticity in having them and still stay open to the unfolding of their mystery, lesson or even just pure joy, then so be it.
However, if they are relation and connections that over period of time has served its purpose, run its course, we need to honor our energetic participation and ask if that person/other is offering a mirror to embrace more of self or just no longer feels true, authentic or even appreciated in sense of balance and heart sharing.
On a personal note, Today I arrived to this moment with a certain beloved among my soul tribe which now and forever shall love and admire at the same time, there is no true communication and over time I have noticed even words like ” with you” or how are you doing has not been exchanged in authenticity and transparency. For sometime I have been questioning myself at a deep level, what this mirror plays in my life, knowing my friend open heart and sincerity in her relations on facebook and how beautifully she embraces all connections, why it appears she is not really hear or see me! What parts of myself I do not see or hear. Do I appreciate and love myself fully to let go of what seems for sometime imbalace between us. Twice before I voiced the matter and it was a fall out once which brought us back into the heart again, but today I feel I need a deeper inquiry within and not about this specific relation but also at a core of my own heart what serves all, and what we choose to co-create collectively. If this is a time to say good bye, then please let us do this lovingly, honoring integrity ourselves and the other, let us be truthful, there is no expectation in love, it is an invite to be bare and vulnerable and be in a moment and if the cycle, interaction, sharing is concluded, then, let say farewell joyfully, with honesty.
Not making excuses to spare other or ourselves from being human, feeling hurt or whatever… we are here to learn and love unconditional and not hide from what it is, even when it appears as a story, drama, there is a message, a reflection pointing us to our freedom, to be fully here, in present, in all of our experiences, as a pure light.
Sometimes we do not even need to unfriend, announce or interact with Other/Mirror, we can do this internally by pulling back our energy and a deep let go, with love and appreciation and walk away peacefully.
Today, I walk away from this relation who has been teaching me non stop to love and appreciate my truth even deeper.

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