Conclusion of Pilgrimage of Heart

Conclusion of Pilgrimage of Heart
In 2008 when the spiritual emergency took over
my human life and I was stripped off from all earthy ties, from having a job and home, to my closest friendships and relations, I began the inner spiral to meet Self. It was involved a lot of alone time, meditation, being in nature, going through a deep physical and emotional rebirth and a lot more. In 2012 January when I was in San Francisco, for the second time in my life, I left my body and all my physical faculty stopped and I was transported to a Light behind a Huge Mountain, I heard A voice/Mother Father Divine that my work on Earth is not over and it is just the beginning, I have a choice, could go and conclude it with this body or return another time, I was going through a lot of pain at the time, was alone and had no money and at the edge of street which I continued to challenge myself over and over with as surviving is our greatest animal instinct!
Make the story short, I returned to my vessel and was told by Divine, It was the time to go to streets and walk the path of Prophets! This calling and voice had my human life haunted since age of 7 years old and everytime I came to the moment of surrendering, I was pulled back by fear and never completed my assignments.
So after January 2012, against this knowing that I am the embodiment of a prophet consciousness, I returned to the world and shortly after started my creative and alchemy coaching business, published my poetry book and began painting frequency through colours. I had a deep inner joy and peace at the same time it felt a part of me still missing.
(My life truly is a book and one day soon it is my duty to sit and write it from a witness perspective in hope it serves the awakening and inspire lovers of truth.).
To recover that missing part, again I went back to silence for over a year and half alone in one room, at the time, the collective consciousness began speeding up and I came across more people who felt like me, I believed this is end of my aloneness and the missing part is to belong to a community of like hearted people, that also changed and upgraded shortly after living in Buddhist centres, and offer voluntary services to few other spiritual centres.
It felt whatever I do and offer is Not met in the world, I was still trying to find the oneness with the world and find a group that resonates and feel align. My search out continued and again I returned to my work and business and this time I moved to Cyprus and started offering Mandala making courses, soul and chakra dance, I had few performance and even things began shaping, my income was not enough to keep the ship above the water! So by June 2017, I was back again to selling my things, giving most of my things to Siryan refugee camp and pack only my Art and few sentiments items and leave them for safekeeping with a friend.
And with one case I head to the unknown. By that time, my blood family including my parents were all removed from my frequency and with a broken heart and fragile body I accepted the divine calling to walk bare, walk not knowing what, where, why, who…just becoming vast in devotion, becoming soft in front of all challenges, to sit in my vessel in awe of miracles and blessings and be more grateful.
I began a pilgrimage of heart and shared my experience openly on facebook and my personal blog. From Europe to Canada, USA, not having anything on my own and only by donation and pure love of Divine/One I took one step at the time. i let go of my fb accounts, book pages and groups and felt more drawn to be invisible, quiet, just walk, and be. The missing part was no longer missing. I became whole, at the same time new gifts arrived which somehow made it interesting to walk on earth but have the ability to see and feel all energies, timelines, move between dimensions and know how to anchor frequency through my physical vessel. In January 2018, I received a complete blueprint of New Earth /Future in our 3/5D reality and was and still not given permission to work on its details or even share it. I joined few ascension groups noticing my assignments is so specific and connects to a,different timeline than the one connected to awakening of masses right now.
So, I was again step deeper into aloneness. Hearing God.
In between I am still walking with a case across North America, knowing fully it is my soul co creation with Divine, knowing I finally accepted my calling. I became someone/something which I have no clue, nothing really is left from my past. I have not be able to reconnect with my blood family, the difference in frequency is high and divine guidance was to cut the cord, so I did. I have not merged with any of beautiful soul tribes and groups either, as my mission and knowing of it has been so specific and feels the world still is not ready to hold and carry this vision frequency, talking is quite different than really living it 24/7 as a reality and I know that now as over the last 20 months I walked it every moment of every day.
I feel alone with God, at the same time, some beautiful sparks of light/soul friends who truly cared and care have been beside this humbled soul, holding the space, offering love and support, which everytime I connect to their heart, I have to sit in tears of love and gratitude and stay wordless, cause my feelings are beyond my HUman, I feel the love of Universe coming through their selfless act, to support my vessel in just standing/Being here.

I am still in Canada, Sunshine coast, been looked after by my dear friends who in my eyes are true Earth guardians, knowing the time of bare walking in over. Not sure what is coming in few days, feels like a New Cycle, also a grounding align to my heart frequency.

I was drawn back into poetry, voice and beauty of soul, how this unfolds, is not known yet. I am also shown after a grounding I will given time and space to establish New Earth Unity foundation which is a collective mission and at the time, I will receive the guidance for how it has to come together, shaped and worked within tribes who do wish to collaborate.
I know this is a long reading and I felt it is a time to conclude my personal sharing of Pilgrimage of Heart and whatever comes I feel and know is Love and assist the Being within vessel to serve the good of all.
What I found mostly valuable over this aloneness and also togetherness is that all shall pass, neither this and no that means anything. The truth could never be taught, explained or even be shown. It is what it is, forever changing of One, in potent moments.

In love

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