I Am.

Coming from no-thing, learning many stories which most are untrue, sitting in one own blood, ache and broken heart and parts,have been a journey for many of us, to arrive to this sacredness in our bodies. Feeling love, burning in love, floating in love.

Mind is gone and joy and celebration is here. Within this present, all feelings run so deep.

Our broken and numb parts are healed and whole and the heart which was seeking all through life to be loved, accepted, is sitting gracefully in Unity, on throne of oneness.

The last few days, all feels eternal, pure, innocent. Remembrance is returning to all awakens, silence and togetherness in formless.

So much gratefulness, tenderness, so much love is bursting in and out.

My eyes are weeping in joy. My heart is melting between the beloved’s embrace.

Reality could be simple, peaceful and still changeable. Welcoming life is effortless.
Inhale, exhale and slide softly on the edge of consciousness, I Am that I Am.

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