Call for truth

A word with Friends, A gaze into Truth
Last week and today, few outer happening stirred my heart and took me to a new level of authenticity which only speaks and invites me to learn wholeheartedly and ponder long to hear my true inner guide.
I have left all Facebook groups and gradually exam and will limit who I listen and follow as a reflection of Truth/ fellow Ascension traveller, speaker, wayshower and so on…
With deep appreciation and gratefulness for all players in this drama of life and Enlighenment, my heart is inviting me to return to cloak of mysticism and garden of Rumi.
It is hard to be faceless in the world that everywhere you go, you need a name and profile, and even having 267 friends today seems not authentic cause I truly not spoken to all of you. I have not hold your gaze, have not heard the sound of your voice, have not touched your hands and still call myself ” a friend”.
Please forgive me.
For being just a name, a face, a facebook friend request.
We are much more than a click, a like or an unfriend bottom.
We are ocean waves, we are courageous seagulls at the edge of a new flight.
We are open fields of poppies
In dance of light, truthfully honoring who we are for each other, for earth, for sky.
I never saw a sunflower selling her beauty to Sun,
I never saw two willow trees in war of fame.
I forgot how much I love writing poetry
and be anonymous, truth storyteller.

Yes, Today Something old died in me, and I woke up to far deeper love within. I am not perfect, I am no teacher, or leader. I still cry when fear attacks, I have my moments of vulnerability when it feels it is impossible to walk one more step. I realise i know even less than ten years ago.
I have let go of all almost every living person that I loved deeply to stay true to my heart and today I need to let go all that kindly came into my life as soul tribe and ascension family to stand in freedom of my own soul. Over the last two months, I became less and less interested (align) with hearing about spaceships, light codes and language and be told by A Galactic spoke Icons under the name of teachers and way showers where we have to send energy to stop some earth disaster or how suddenly money will show up in our bank accounts…
I am standing alone, Cause that is the only way Divine could be heard and followed and please forgive me, I am a fake ascended if I need to believe this level of perception.
I walked with one suitcase since 2017 with no $, no contact and plan, no safety net , just pure trust and devotion to my own relation with Divine and the support and unconditional love that came and supported me was and is a miracle, people took me in and become inspired by my walk and action which it wasn’t my intention, I just wanted to be Free, to live From my heart.
Most of the people who helped me did not know me as person, we met, hugged, shared food, I slept in their space and shared our life stories, I have became humbled more and more by their love, kindness and acceptance.
What I am not is to pretend that I Am a knower or follower and today I came face to face with true self and that moment shoot my consciousness to another space, where I want to be true to each connection, each word and each moment.
So, here I am, naked, no label, no knowing, in few weeks back on a road to unknown, with zero $, and this time even less of a case. I am no one, I am a humble poet, in love of God and beauty and yes I have to write down the blueprint of newearth at some point when the time is ripe and share it with the world, apart from that, I am just so madly in love with nature, songs, poetry, painting, listening to water, wind and sparrows.
I like to fade away, truly fade away, as memories so constantly and instantly fading away from my life. I want to be only here, in bare and fertile moment, giving all of me to the world, so I will more of life, more of God.

Thank you for your friendship, may it serve our growth together well. 🙏❤

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