Women International Day

This Friday is International Women Day. At many levels we are evolved to our soul power, however the fact has not changed that Women always needed to fight and have the courage to voice their truth, independent and stand free. Time to celebrate our divine presence and beauty.
This is a painting I made in 2010 through a lot of pain and spasm of heart and release of abuse and rape from my womb. When you are raised in a Country like Iran, and witness revolution and war, then you return to west and been raped and put second for your heritage, gender and name… all you want is to SCREAM! so when it came to healing time, when our mouth is gagged, our body is forced to be covered by Hejab, only our eyes could speak of years of bondage and chained dreams.
Today, I celebrate Freedom of Soul/Body and thank Existence for supporting My being to BE HERE, To experience and be experienced.

~ Soul
I am no black or white
I am no man or woman
I am no true or untrue
I am no fullness or emptiness
I am no tomorrow or yesterdays.
I am no hope or despair
I am no here or there
I am no liberation or bondage
I am no seeker or founded
I am no you or other
I am not born
do not die.
I have not arrived
have never been departed.
I am the undefined
flow of unknown
I am the echo of silence
I am Soul.
~ Serena Devi

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