Why New Earth


Since 2012, Gaia and humanity have been through rapid transformation and accelerating upgrade in the essence and life DNA/blue print. What seems Science fiction and only real in movies, now in complete nakedness is unveiled in front of those with open heart, mind and knowing of true nature of humanity which is (I AM Creator), I AM one with Omnipresent.

Today, our traditional God worship and prayers from separation point, (punish or reward system), has arrived to zero point of God, which is pure consciousness and within this unlimited and formless, we move in alignment and frequencies. It is no longer the small world of thoughts and believes, it is power of awareness and movement with tides of life, in perfect harmony, peace and power of creation.

This is still might not be the case of most of the earth population, but the Truth is out and Light workers, truth lovers, are becoming pillars of lighter across globe in whatever form they are directed by Divine Design to offer the New Earth frequency through their presence. The outlook might be teachings, rituals, community work, travel solo, write and share, walk and share. They know it is through this web of light and their constant devotion to love as it rise in present, they are receiving the divine plan which is hidden in codes and activations to be guided effortlessly from their natural essence.

2018 is the beginning of many planetary shifts, sky and earth are together now to protect LIFE on Earth, also make the necessity preparation phases for what in linear appears as future and yet many awaken souls have the understanding of it happening.

The evolution of Earth is part of a bigger revolution within universe and galaxies and many of humans (Body) as in truth travelling star seeds, sky walkers, residence of higher dimension than 3D and 5D, only appeared in form through birth on Physical reality to ASSIST humanity and Gaia for this specific time, to move through this passage in time and space.

Having and being part of small of community no longer serves this awakening project of divine, it is required more than words and navigation and astral and stellar daily reports. It requires to see with mind of Divine, into timeless and some of these volunteers from other realities and dimensions are carriers of that plan. How to rebuild a civilization within a current form of Civilizations.

What are the plans? Where to Begin?

We all know, whatever dimensions reality we live and experience, the current of Earth does not work for most of humanity. One of the first steps on New Earth reality is to allow changes within our lives, most light workers will be moved across the earth to merge with their true LIGHT TRIBE. Within those changes, the template of new Civilizations are hidden and either activated or will take place shortly.

The desired New Earth, (Heaven on Earth) is not an idea or hope. It is A DIVINE PLAN and the reason of this rapid shifts in humanity and consciousness. Activated Light workers are Galactic Ambassadors to download, verbalize, design and engineer this NEW ECO TOWN and Communities across globe on specific locations. Invite committed souls to Divine LOVE to come together and forge central grids and star gates for foundation of the coming projects, to serve and also save humanity and life on Earth, to understand human eyes are about to open up to arrival of advanced visitors (ET) and this is not a story and dream, this was never a Science Fiction or stories, but memories of HUMAN Bodies, connected o timeless Spirit, manifested in stories like Star WARS, Time Travel and places called Nirvana ( Within HUMAN Enlightenment perception) and Atlantic ( Within ASTRAL perception), all are accessible through One consciousness as known as God/Divine/ and now Awakens.

In coming few weeks, I will share more of the principals and plans and stages of Earth UNITY and New Civilization.

Introduce new Grid points that connects the center of Galaxies with the Earth Chakra System. For example Mt Shasta which is the root Chakra of Earth, when it aligns with frequency of other Galaxies ( Future central points) no longer stays at Mt Shasta, it moves a bit lower and west side of Mt Shasta. It sound strange as I never been to Mt Shasta! But something within my body pointing to a lower ground, more valley than mountain, and closer to Napa Valley. Also, we will be introduced to a new system of building Eco Villages, design with follows through geometry forms and activated Earth and transmute frequency through energy of residence ( light workers) to galaxies and open unseen gates for new merge into consciousness, science, inventions, Earth Cultivation and Growth.

It is time to use mind for peace of all, in creating according to Divine Mind and understand Earth is a very small part of a Current Awakening Waves, It is effecting entire Existence and dimensions. We need to constantly stay align with Higher and more than ever grounded on Earth. The New Gravity is LOVE, use this frequency for all of your doings or not doings and your life becomes an effortless walk into Heaven. Now and Here.