Lions Gate 2019, water activation

Pilgrimage of Heart –LIONS Gate Preparation & Mystery of Water

This is part 2 of the three part Ascension report.

LIONS gate 2018 / End of Old PARADGIM / ACTIVATION POINTS & Water
Early January 2018, I was shown a map of Crystalline Grids on Earth which through activation release Codes ( Crystalline Structure codes) mainly through locations ( Land and Water) and my body/vessel needs to honor the guidance that comes and follow each step accordingly, no matter what and how physical reality and circumstances looks like. So I did travel bare, with nothing except a suitcase and yoga mat. I was provided by support of Light tribe with abundance, food, place to stay and finance that make the travel possible, the work was and still is intense, alchemical and the purpose which I usually Understand after each part of pilgrimage is to Activate 12/144 Harmonic Geometric Grids as well my own 12 Strand DNA and keep the frequency and make a bridge of light as I travel from one location to another location, to plant a new ORIGINAL CREATION CODE as Solar waves arrive on Planet Earth and my body Receive, Transmute and Anchor through Light, in these Activation codes.
Last July, I was moved about the same time from Vancouver Island Via Seattle and California to Arizona, and return the same way with a lot of transformation ( borth light and Dark) all through my travel for two months. The details are on
Over the period of one year, I visited some locations intuitively to receive hidden codes from Sirian Builder Council to use for NEW Earth Templates and Grid Structure that will be used to reform our current reality into 5D and above physical reality. The intelligence beneath these points are beyond our time and space, they are mostly shaped as wells ( Round shape) with two activators in form of triangle, or square beside/above below them.

These shapes with each new waves begin whirling into a Holographic Generator of Sound, Rhythm which make it possible for Awaken Beings to Receive the original Codes of New Earth and become a Carrier of that frequency until the next one arrives.
The energy of Turtle (Water)beneath certain points, activated the Diamond Solar Heart within body/Heart to receive and integrate a higher Frequency, clear DNA, purify cells, atoms, organs, bone structures, to assist individual and collective Harmonic Holographic Birth as a pure Consciousness.
Element of Water plays an important role in our next stage which comes fully in physical reality after the passageway of 08.08.19.

As our frequency in Human Body rise, and create a Pillar of Light, our heart frequency effects all Earth Elements tremendously and with Gaia upgrade her vibrational we co –create a multilevel flower of life Structure in our water systems on the Earth, from oceans to lakes, small ponds even. Which its connectively, map and show, energize the hidden Grids beneath the soil of Earth and through PORTAL AND GATE OPENING of Forerunners and lightworkers, to connect and shape the NEW EMPOWERD WEB of Conscious LIFE, which Solar Electromagnetic waves upgrades and mirror the Milky way Grids of Light and consciousness. This is how the Quantum shift, Holographic Evolution through matter is taking place, from the Centre of No-thing, to Creation of Everything, in the speed beyond even normal Light wave.
From HIGHER FREQUENCY Waves to Water, from Water to Soil, Soil to body.

It is the fluid form that is Carrying the Code of Creation on Physical Earth. And now The knowledge of Old Civilizations, Stars, Galaxy can be access and used if we know how to use the intelligence of water, learn the codes and connect the New Grids on Sacred lands and Water Streams across the entire planet to serve Humanity and all livings on Earth.
This year I am sent to Wells in Somerset which is located 5 miles North of Glastonbury. As I arrive last Thursday, I immediately felt the energy of Avalon, my heart immediately felt at Home.
The guidance for this part of journey has been specific, so I listen, follow and pause till new data arrives.

I was instructed to visit three locations and create a Triangle Pyramids before 1st August.
One was Bishop Garden next To Wells Cathedral which is built in 12th Century. It has wells around it which was providing streams of water for the city and fields. You can see the design from one the photos. IN every location, I am told what to use and where and how to create Ripples of Sound ( Light Language, or Singing ball, of clapping), with Crystals and close by elements.

The interesting thing was that while I arrived in England, I stayed in Brighton as usual and the Street I had a room was St Andrews! Then when I arrived to Wells and went to the Cathedral, I find out the name of it is St Andrews too!
The second interesting part is I was told not to stay in Glastonbury, only Visit for a day. Now, I am staying in the house which is no 27 ( my Birthday) and it is in Wells, but the name of street is Glastonbury!

On Friday, I opened a portal in Bishop Garden and then when I went inside the Cathedral, It was a heavy Cloud of Dark Energy inside the Church, which first needed to be cleared and today I returned and opened a portal inside one of the chapels.

Yesterday I went to Glastonbury and hiked to Tor early morning. I was instructed to open a portal on the Tor as wells as Chalice Wells with Crystals and songs. In both locations, I was shown two Geometry forms which comes in marriage of Triangle and Circle.
The third location was given today which is a West Side of The line from Wells to Glastonbury, and called westhay Moor National Nature. All three locations are connected with water, Streams and recoding of the land with new ripples of Sound and Light.

I did the same thing in Bali and over the three month period, I was sent to three location, next to the water for the same purpose.
There is much more data on its way to how we can become more of Fluid and timeless existence on coming years through light Tribes work on Earth with Light, Water and Soil. How sound and Light and Water could create a trinity ( Triangle) and in marriage with ONE ( Circle, Sphere)in Rotation, higher consciousness can manipulate, reform, restructure elements, energy, and timelines… This is how Cosmic System is flood Earth Energy Grids and carries structural data of FUTURE and implant it in PHYSICAL, in form of NEW Earth Manifestation.

I am still trying to understand what I just shared above! I feel the experience and deep knowing of the frequency ( Remembrance) but our human language can not really cover the dynamic of Divine will, and movement of it as a FREQUENCY/ INTENTION/ HEART+ Love/ CREATION.
But I know this is the way forward on fifth Dimension and it will speed up by end of 2019. Eventually, everything we create will be with ONE mind, Heart and Receptivity.
Our next Lions Gate 8.08.2019 is THE LIVE SYSTEM of STAR And EARTH GRID SYSTEMS.
IAMGOD in full activation is a force unmeasured in history of humanity, cause only through Collective Quantum Evolution we can Become THE WAVE that carry THE PLANET into TIMELESS rotation of HIGHER dimensions. From this lions gate onward, everything comes with responsibility, joy, purity, friendliness, abundance and love beyond words.
Seraphim Joy ( Serena Devi)

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