The sound of Om

Emptiness is the Mother of your dreams.
Awareness is the Father of your creation.
Present is the Magic of your love.

You are the moon and the sun,
You are the joy of life.
You are the heart of The Beloved, the blood of love.
The pure child of universe,
The Sound of Om,
The softness of air in lungs,
The kiss between leaves of a tree
and touch of wind.

You are the lover,
You are the beloved,
The silence between two notes,
You are the majestic song of totality
Bow at no one,
Be still and Know.

Serena Devi

3 responses to “The sound of Om”

  1. Reblogged this on ram H singhal note book.

  2. Dear and divine Serena ,
    Referee is a Symbol of witnessing game with neutral Mind , it has Emptiness , Awareness , Alertness , knows the Game , and natural and neutral.
    Life ups and down are there towards graduating to Referee.

    your poetry has good silence and serenity which is your inner reflection.

    I am Happy for you , God Bless you with all the happiness of life on the path you have taken.

    love all.

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