Soul Of One

My soul wants to experience the adventure of being human, feel everything and be able to write poetry from depth of heart. Paint with brush of my heart and dance naked on ocean waves.

My soul wants to experience others, have no judgment and opinion on how another pair of eyes should look like or observe the world, we all live in.

My soul wants to create epic stories, spread inspiration and courageous tales of divine love.

My soul was so strong and unique that chose to travel on a pathless path and be humbled and let life choose the shape of her hands in dance with sky.

My soul is the soul of one, silence is her speech , and truthful moments the tranquility of her tears.

My soul never cared about the world she sees, she is under the spell of an invisible flute player, seducing her with his hums and music, with touch of his gaze and silent kisses.

My soul was seeded in darkest places, but she knew she is a star, not like any other.
My soul is a shooting star, the night that she shine her brightest, will be the night she meets the eyes of her only beloved, far far beyond ascension stories and dimensions,
Her eternal maker is ready, waiting to embrace her.

So, yes, my soul chose this path and whatever comes with it. She is an amazing beauty, shimmering naked light, and genius devoted presence she is.

My soul is love, her language is truth, her tears are pearls of divine grace.

My soul, your soul, Are One.


3 responses to “Soul Of One”

  1. Thank you, longing is a universal song. 😊🙏

  2. So beautiful, it resets a longing in my heart. Thank you.

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