Valleys of daffodils

I had the walk

Into valleys of unknown.

A dark shadow found me halfway

I thought daffodils could hide my track.

Their beauty were so promising.

It was a long summer night,

I had a glimpse into starlight

A sudden cry of a wolf from distance

Cut the veil of silence,

My thoughts stopped unfinished.

Helpless to stay or leave,

Heart were pounding fast;

I needed to let go of my step,

To forget the shadow and crying wolf.

I told myself,

Be a bird, fly toward the blue sky,

Ask a refuge from The night keeper

Or wait patiently by the moon’s throne,

For the veils fall in each breath of night.

Till the Lord of light announce the homecoming of Sun.

My heart broke in pieces in anticipation ,her strings pulled by invisible hands of love.

How could I be here, in a centre of light, inside the passion of God

While my tracks are disappeared from the soil of earth,

No shadow could follow me “here”,

I am finally dead and know the unknown mystery of “present”.

Ah, daffodils look so beautiful from above,

Even from below,

they are the messengers of delight, to loving hearts.

From earth to sky, from sky to earth,

I let go of a step, I fell into soft cushion of God.

I had the walk

Into valleys of daffodils.

Serena Devi

12th May 2020

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