A phase, a fall into Shri Ram

The glass house
Full of all predictable glories
phase and fall into Shri Ram.

In the new moon
A willow tree branches dance
Between light and shade.

In this lifetime,
How much patience has left
To dissolve between new and a full moon.

In a first quarter of a heart,

one hears the magic of
Soundless wings of swallows,
Softly open the calm air.
Not too fast, not too slow.
Empty space gets full.
Tranquility grows
In silence.

How gently time stops,
How easy attention moves,

Shri Ram Jai Raam Jai Jai Raam,

From the inside of glass house
To unknown landscapes
here, in each phase, new borns.
Lands conquer all roots,

sun abundantely grows all crops.

And moon pulls in

all oceans into mystery of tides.


Is a vulnerable red rose
with a short life of her own,
Prepare to gamble
Her life for the sake of beauty
To make a legacy
Or die anonymous.

Between the begin
And end of a phase,
makes her destiny

Fall in love with Lord Rama.

How much patience has left
To surrender,

Into alchemy of a pure love.

Die into beauty

Is a choiceless breath of A true lover.

Planets, stars, the moon and sky

All aspects of One, servers of life,

Are lovers of the beloved Rama.

Destined to openness, eternal present

Where all reflections are phased,

and all heart seasons,


Like a full moon.

Where all creation chants;

Shri Ram Jai Raam Jai Jai Raam.

© Serena Devi

Rewite Turkey/Istanbul

17th May 2020

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