A letter to a friend

The deeper we move into heart, the truer our relation with the creator of all becomes. And in result our awakening and embodiment unfolds and shapes.

The best and sometimes the only ingredient is solitude and aloneness. It works like a polish on soul edges, it takes away personal and attachments to outer reality and finally it becomes the sweetest taste, hard to step out, return to  illusion of the world, use words for communication, while all knowing of heart lives in a gaze into eternity, in now.

A friend wrote me a letter asking some questions about what appears as future of earth, which I share earlier this year in my posts.

To reply to his questions, I  needed to reposition and stand on a edge of known and unkown, so heart, vision and words could come in alignment and perhaps some riddles, some golden dust of heaven, show us the next stage and happening on this beloved planet. As the last few months, all I knew is kind of wiped clean, I feel empty, like a potent space, and yet not knowing what comes out of this emptiness.

We came to this planet, from far beyond any grasping of mind. The place that can not be seen, or talked about, it is not heaven, it has no interior or exterior. We transported as data, as consciousness. We had agreement to travel in groups, in one wave and yet different octaves and frequencies.  We might not even know each other in human avatars, but our design is to support each other while we are in this play ground called Earth. We are Soul Clusters.

We might come together in physical periodically, especially at this time on earth, when the greatest happening is Collective Ascension, to fulfill our roles and assist each other in whatever form it is required. However, it is about a wave of Consciousness and it’s purpose in relation to music of creation than to story and the player avatars.  So, meeting and finding each other is not mandatory, only part of our individual assignments.

Sometimes, we work in pairs and might be heart partners, work partners, Beloveds, Sisters and Brothers. We might be very specific in the role we play with each other, might even be taught and heart breaking, but it is always for the grand happening, for the love of all.

I met quiet few of my soul clusters from early childhood, I could recognize their soul blue print, but I also noticed as we are moving on wave of Consciousness, our destiny on earth is flowing in different timelines and possibilities of different dimensional experiences. And that means no expectation of who stays, who leaves. Cause every part of this soul cluster is I Am. Sometimes I feel presence of humans that I know they are not in my physical reality, but they are here, on Earth, I could feel them in stream of my blood as I also feel the ones that are not on earth but are fully united in  I am.

So, my dearest and beloved Friend, we are soul cluster and traveling the bridge of Earth at the same time, on a same wave, to fulfill a promise which will unveil when and if our design brings us into each other physical reality and there no numbers as such. Each Soul Cluster  holds  the  12 frequencies of founder flames.  it is possible for one soul carry all frequency or  100 souls that carry only one or two frequency at this time and space, however the purpose of evolution is the each soul reach to the complete rainbow of their original frequencies.

To be truthful, these days I feel no human not even a soul, as I said, just emptiness. And with that somehow I see everything as it is as well as its highest potential and that also includes my own avatar.

Humanity is at the edge of a great choice and all comes down to liberation from Ego. As no matter who we named ourselves, lightworker, mystic, poet, spiritual teacher, even tyrant, what matters how masterfully we allow the space expands within us, which Divine Will Acts, flows and embodies in full power and tenderness.

The world as humanity knew it is over. In 2020 we have entered an era never experienced before  in physical dimension.

At the level of collective transformation, many are participating in this movement for liberation of all livings on earth. For a mystic, nothing is better than poetry, coffee and songs of sparrow early morning while a piano plays and a pen writes. Having said that, sometimes being mystic is not easy, as following the heart takes us to desert, exhaustion walking without water, under the sun and only see the shade of our own body on the ground and one never knows if there is a shelter or a mirage in front of them at some point, to rest and remember  what we see is illusion and the purpose of all changes in and out is to stay still and let God be.

The greatest achievement is be silent and endure everything. And present is the Joy Foundation.

The world of Ego always push us to be a doer, to be a member of something, to control and see ourselves as identity with names, titles, roles and even stories. But once you let all go, such a serenity and humbleness in face of life happens with your heart, that it does not matter whatever happens to you, or for you is always the best possible way that the creator of all wishes to be experienced.

I see many changes within since the beginning of 2020, and part of taking silence form social media was to stay and delve deeper into heart. In the begging when I start walking with nothing, I could not ( my human) survive without leaning more into masculine aspect of myself. A lot of fear, control and anger were realized with every step I took. It was not easy for a 50 something years old woman body to walk as barefoot truth walker, it was my divine role and over the last few months, I recognize my being is balancing fully between masculine and feminine aspects, a true unified and neutral foundation is shaping within the consciousness, I found myself wondering what I am supposed to do.

In March 2020, before the chaos of COVID -19,  the opportunity raised to manifest a home space for myself, but the more I tried the less felt it is flowing, I noticed the  overuse of  masculine principal to manifest a residence and also attachment to play a role and create a platform and  Station in support  of the New Earth Civilization birth and restructure of Divine organization, but soon after being out of  alignment indicate my soul frequency is not supporting this creation an in is not my  role to really take physical steps in creation of  the physical space of The New Earth Foundation. I realized the urge to even move deeper into surrendering and let go( of  my own human desire which is to have a place called home on this planet), so I did. And that moment and choosing, suddenly open up my body into more of softness, tenderness, acceptance of being.

Just be  here, be transparent, be in my heart, be present.

Somehow when Collective liberation takes place,  we can see light stations and cities everywhere.  The true light cities  already are existing on this planet at this time, again 12 cities seems more of a number for mind that the truth of what it means. Every now and then I  have to remember, the game of Ascension is a frequency reality and when physical manifestation follows, it is better not to categorize it by our on understanding which so far many awaken teachers, avatars does use the old human vocabulary, while everything needs to be carefully exams by its frequency and then share on any platform.

I love to think,    it will be an ordinary day and phenomenon discovery for you and many others, to wake up and look into the blue sky and see and feel something so pure and different from what you (we) so far experienced. That place, location, city, country, planet earth, in that moment in the knowing of your heart is the CITY OF LIGHT, where Divine Resides fully in your being, everything become Pure Light.

The few dearest and beloveds friends that we exchange sincerely and harmonious, can reflect on how my human nature is. They know, I live bold and fearless, I chose silence but when I speak, it will be truthful, to the level that might costs me everything in that moment, they know I have been walking alone for a life time, and somehow my heart devotion always gave the strength to continue this alone walk, to be transparent in all of my experiences, human, soul and God that I am. I die every moment and reborn new.

To never believe my mind, never see myself as anything but a student of life. And I sense whatever is the next on this planet, my role is to continue writing in riddles, capture moments of beauty, mystery and power and share it as in flows out my being. To hold the frequency in my heart and bring highest purist intention to live peacefully, joyfully and equally on this physical stage, for as long as I am here.

Heart pilgrimage is a rewarding journey into the centre of being, and when one finally removes all barriers, silence and present becomes the threshold of  Joy, a joy beyond words and explanation. And eventually body will return to mother earth, to soil, to unborn. While  love continues in form of beauty, grace and gentleness.

This is what I wish for our planet, to be a habitat of Joy. And for all livings to know God as themselves.

Thank you beloved friend, your questions stirred my heart into another dive into unknown oceans of future, from well of my heart,  and here is the pearl I found.

I am blessed to share this walk with you.

Serena Devi ( Seraphim)

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