A sacrament

Oh God, my beloved has come.

His lips’s touch upon the veil,

His heart in flames,

And his scent,

A sealed sacrament

Under the moonlight.

I can not be left alone,

When the warmth of earth

Cries so loud inside.

His hands reaching to my lute,

And my thirsty throat

Voicing a lifetime prayers

To find a way

Beyond illusions and chains,

To sing like a bird,

To dance like a leaf in storm,

To be loved like a Lilly,

And to love the way he loves.

Oh God, my beloved has come.

The final stage

in an enchanted garden of one,

We have found our place

Beyond all abyss of self loath and blames.

His hands placed in my Earth,

The breath is pure love,

flourishing my heart.

I am fainting,

Seeing myself, in his eyes.

In truth, God

How do you see us and not faint?

The creation raised to meet you

Eye to eye.

Isn’t it the purpose of all beauties,

The intimacy with God,

Gender free, race free, dimension free,

Ascension free!

All I ever wanted

To be the holder of your gaze.

And smile, like not any other.

To know, you, him, the beloved, the story of creation

All are my tries to give a meaning

To the untouchable beauty

In my own heart.

Oh God, do you see yourself

In my heart?

The symphony,

the lute,

the players hands,

the singing voice,

the mesmorized listener,

The mystery of a moment,

The game of love,

All are excuses,

To be loved by One.


And the mystic wrote poems,

with strings of stars

And magic of night’s touch,

To move closer

To the end of love.

And God laughter filled the air

While his gaze sat on her eyes.

The heart received the sacrament

The seal was broken,

As passion of God

burst into Life.

Serena Devi,


19th May 2020

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