Life language is silence,
Stillness of mountains,
hum of hummingbirds,
waves of ocean,
dance of tree leaves with morning breeze.

Life is a daily ritual a worship around the silent One.
Our togetherness in form, humans,
star walkers, Earth tribes
and awaken souls,
they are all dreams of the dreamer.
Illusion within illusion,
unveiling by grace and Unified Hearts.
Here in presence of the great Spirit,
We surrender.

The magic wand of light
touches the unknown valleys of dark,
within womb of void,
lions roar and a new cycle began

Ah, Beloved, you are the song of my heart,
Humbled, in awe of ache of expansion,
the clay built by bones and veins
take her fragile life,
pours her blood, in stream of red
flowing to the body of God.

Stars unveil the map of Tomorrows
and magic of love paints royal paths
on ground of our beloved Earth.

We are travelers, boundless, timeless,
majestic lions and eagles,
in one grain of sand,
in one drop of water,
in sweet gaze into eternity.
We are Songs of SILENCE.
To embrace all I AM.

Mystery, Mystery Beyond all says.

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