The lover

Leaving old feels hard, accepting new is even harder.

Your mind is a trickster, stealing the precious time, keep you in distance, never arriving, never leaving.

It is exhausting, the fear of getting it wrong, to be not good enough, or worthy of what life does promise.

You want love, so isn’t the time to make space for it? To drop what is not You anymore, cancel the ticket and not be afraid that it won’t be a way out of here, love is your magic carpet.

Go for falling in love, hit the bottom of your heart, let it cry, let it create, magic is the hidden gem inside. distance is just a measurement between two points.

You do not need spirituality, or therapy to hear your heart. There will be encounters, touches and secret glances filling your vein with joy, life is full of undiscovered senses. Unless you let the moment breaks you, to free you, love never could fly over your hills and meadows.

You don’t need anyone’s approval, to love who you are. Feel the sharp edge of unknown, smell the fragrance of truth, taste the wetness of salty water of your own tears, so many signs, calling you home.

Drop it all, fall from knowing it all, sky and earth will hold you tenderly like a child born out of a flower before the sundown.

You are not forgotten, just awake whirling around the fire in your belly, longing to be known, to be loved.

It is alright to feel hesitation to take the first giant step toward yourself.

Knock on a gate,

See how in a moment love grows in a middle of your chest, like a sycamore tree.

Hear the ache of wanting, don’t close your eyes and pretend dark does not exist, do not jump into changing the music. Hear the voice of moments, stare into the void.

It is the tsunami of emotions, breaking you apart, and you feeling depth of human wounds, the crippling sound of unworthiness, the cracked open oldest wound of humanity, the longing to belong.

This is no mind, no trick, no story, it is being alive, walking on earth. There is no imitation, map or guidance to tell you, where to begin, how to choose.

You have to begin all over tomorrow, unless you be brave and strong enough to meet yourself, vulnerable and unsure of happenings.

Say “yes” today,

say “I love you” hundred times,

even more until you believe in power of your words. Leave behind centuries of feeling not adequate and acceptable.

You are the One, you are the sole road to yourself. You can fall and stand up again, you are ready to accept this love, let the heart pours her tasty wine on your thirsty lips.

Begin now, the first step

To touch the bare skin of your humanness,

Tomorrow is today’s potential.

Love is offering her rose,

How wonderful, how worthy this moment is.

To be your own lover.

The lover has returned!

© Serena Devi

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