I alone Am

Truth is simple, powerful and unchanged.

It takes all the bullshit out of human system.

It carries beyond knowing, doing and believing.

It holds, everything like a baby, in constant joy of flow, care of a mother.

It sees, feels and liberates,

It chooses silence about all noise,

It smells like a rose,

Its’ thorns hurt until they don’t.

Only then you see yourself as I Am.

I alone Am,

The way of


The mystery of present,

The dance of creation.

I am the ocean waves,

Happening over and over.

A sparrow on a edge of a cliff,

Waiting for a moment

To be with God, fly wingless.

The playful rabbit down the hole

Chasing Alice,

playing cards,

Looking into the clock,

Tick tock, tick tock.

And suddenly wakes up

On floating clouds

Looking down.

I alone Am,

Infinite love moving mountains,

Circling around the eternal axis,


in my own fragrance.

I alone Am,

A burning flame

Of truth,

dancing on ashes of my human existence,

Knowing everything I Am, is God.

I do not exist in timeless ocean of One,

I have disappeared inside the waves and tides,

Into smell of life, soft and firm,

Invisible and real,

I alone Am.

No body, no mind,

A gentle way of heart,

In and out of God,

Smiling, witnessing my death

In every breath,

Becoming no one, becoming everyone.

I alone Am Free.

Serena Devi

May 26, Istanbul Turkey

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